Issue 3: Outdoor Design

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Outdoors! This is that time of the year when we detest lurking around in the heat, but love the first drops of rain to cool us down. We grumble about the humidity , but still wouldn’t trade our outdoor patios and gardens for anything! We love the plants, the greenery, the swings , the ability to entertain, and get a chance of setting in your very own homes. Our magazine on home design makes it easy to create fabulous outdoor designs. One of the only and top home design magazines in India, Dezign Diaries is brought to you by DezignGenie.com to make designing your home, refurbishing it, making small or big changes, or just staying updated on the latest home decor information and content.

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Grab your free copy of our premium home magazine to get the latest information on interior trends, hear from experts and get information on the hottest products of the season. This issue offers everything you would need to know about outdoor furniture, trends, materials and design elements. Be it your balcony, terrace or any other outdoor space, we have solutions for you. Find products by The Big Door, Ficus Fine Living, Somany Ceramics Stone among others. Hear about trends from Namrata Seth and Gagan Deep Bhatia, Founders of Sixinch India.

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Often you don’t know where to begin when doing up your outdoor space--start here. DezignGenie.com brings to you Dezign Diaries which will help you transform any space. When you don’t know where to look to begin your long home designing journey, always turn to DezignGenie.com! We know all the trends, tips, tricks and the industry experts who can make all of this happen and more!