Issue 2: Living Rooms

Home Decor Magazine on Modern Living Rooms

This is where life unfolds, where the sofa holds many stories in it sunken depths, the cushions bear reminders of many a mock fights, and the centre table has seen secrets spill around it. And with each new day, the living room has established its place in the house as the family room. Come 2016, it gets a glamorous makeover, with it being the face of your home! They say first impressions can be the last impression, and our trend, seeks to put luxe back into the living room, or as some call it, “glam-ily” room. We give best home decor magazines to boost your living room. Get our interior magazine online today.

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Modern Home Design Magazine for Living Rooms

Get all the information you need to design your swanky living room. Our online interior home decor magazine brings you everything you need to know to make your living room the most important and inclusive room in your house. We give you tips and tricks with carpets, cabinets, mirrors, sofas, finishes and so much more. Find furniture by ICasa Furniture, looks put together by Tangerine Tree, expert blogger tips by Rohina Anad Khira, owner of the stylish interior store AA Living. Also find designer inputs in the interior decoration magazine by Rakeshh Jeswaani who is the Principle Architect at Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects, Lalita Tharani and Mujib Ahmed, Principle Architects and Co-founders of Collaborative Architecture and Archana Baid of And Design Co.

Living Room Magazine

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