Brand : Sylvn Studio

Price : Rs. 3400

Lattice hanging lamp made of strips of corrugated paper, overlaid in a regular pattern and create windows in between to cast beautiful light pattern all across. Truly able to destruct the darkness by emerging as an Avatar.

When you buy from us, you don't just take home a product. You take home a work of Art. And in your own little way contribute to beautifying the earth.

Dimension (LxWxH): 7"X7"X9.5"

Note: Package Contains holder with wire comes separately along with lamp. Since the item is handmade specifications may vary a little.

Payment & Shipping-

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  • Courier will be done through air service.
  • Delivery time depends on the destination. It may take 5 business days.
  • Please make sure the shipping address is your confirmed address.

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(Picture taken with 40 watt candle bulb)