The WhiteTeak Company presents the Unique Collection of Gymnast Sculptures

Mar 06, 2018

The WhiteTeak Company, the true destination for Luxury and Designer Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Hanging Lights and Luxury and Rustic Décor have recently launched Gymnast Sculpture Collection –a unique sculpture series which are a perfect alluring addition to any living space in your homes showcasing the smooth, seamless motion of the rhythm gymnast.

The designer range of Gymnast Sculpture Collection is perfectly designed with iron and marble in golden color that will surely grace your living area, library or study room. The pieces of this collection are showcasing the different gymnast moves like “ In the eyes of the beholder sculpture, a lady gracefully pauses to stretch her long, elegant limbs in a picture-perfect stance. The flawless circular movement of her hoops completes the dance. A testimony to pure elegance, this piece will grace any living space.   Similarly, the perfect Gymnast Sculpture symbolizes feminine grace and seamless motion, as she pauses to frame that flawless moment. Each piece of this collection has been beautifully carved which areperfect for your living area or library with a magnetic appeal.

According to Anu Mehta and Mamta Mehta, founder and co-founder of The WhiteTeak Company-  Our latest Gymnast Sculpture collection have been designed inspiring by the today’s fitness trend where people are more towards there fitness. These pieces are symbolic of strength and balance and also a strong representation of one’s own aspirations by conveying a powerful and positive message. They are a perfect addition to your study, living room or library by making the spaces more powerful and interesting.

Frazer and Haws presents a range of silver products on Woman's Day

Mar 06, 2018

International Women's Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. It is about celebrating socio-political landmarks reached and economic victories gained.


The world of work too is changing and women are taking brisk strides into the future. To celebrate their spirit, we have developed a range of personal use collectibles from timepieces, notebooks and organisers, passport holders and business card holders to bookmarks, grooming sets, photo frames, boxes and decanters.

Vito Nesta Grand Tour Collection

Mar 05, 2018

Vito Nesta presents in Paris Grand Tour, his new project of editions, story of a long journey, at times real and at times imagined, inspired by the itineraries that the young Renaissance men, just come of age, used to follow to see with their own eyes the beauty and culture that the world had to offer.

In his thirty years of age, Vito Nesta has made travelling a natural condition of himself: a childhood of Venezuelan charm carried over to a Pugliese farmhouse, a youth of research for distant colours, smells, and visions, discovered elsewhere as well as in everyday life. The result of the incessant wandering research is the emergence of an imagery of symbols and stories that evoke distant worlds, sometimes hybrid of different cultures.

In Grand Tour, the Brazilian colonies are evoked by palm trees painted in green and ochre on the surface of the Las Palmas plates, with a contrasting edge in metallic lustre: silent and dreamy atmosphere, in which even people in the distance seem to be impregnated with eternity. 

The solemnity of the burgundy, reinforced by the bright blue, is the protagonist of the Natsumi plates collection, which still reveals a timeless place with Japanese charm, in which the temples built by man are surrounded by a fairy-tale nature.

Japanese culture is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that Vito Nesta manages to carry over to Western everyday life with dazzling and seductive results, fruit of a perfect balance between past and present. This happens with the Wagasa rug: the characteristic umbrella of the Japanese tradition, made of bamboo and rice paper, transforms into a decoration element opening up into multiple fans with coloured geometric patterns.

Handcrafted carpet label, Hands, presents an Exclusive New Collection 2018

Mar 05, 2018

The new 2018 collection features both hand knotted and hand tufted carpets, designed and crafted in signature Hands techniques. Contemporariness, tradition, and history are all referenced in these collections, representing the label's repertoire and expertise.

The Savonneries Luxury Collection

A mélange of European designs descended from 17th century French aristocracy. To the elite, these wool-and-silk carpets were too precious to be walked upon. They were used, instead, to adorn the walls of stately residences. "Le plus superlatif tapis", as they'd say in Paris.

The Pashmina Luxury Collection

A much treasured wool from the high mountains of the Himalayas. Its very delicate form defines the ultimate in luxury. Immeasurably light and soft, it's easy to see why early Persians called this fibre 'soft gold'.  

About Hands:

With a legacy that spans 135 years, Hands has woven carpets for some of the world’s most prestigious palaces, luxury hotels, and residences. Known for their fine hand knotted and hand tufted carpets, Hands is today a widely recognised label in the world of premium carpets. 

Pergo Sensation Collection

Mar 05, 2018

Pergo, recognized around the world as a pioneer and leading innovator brand for high-quality laminated floorings reinvents the laminate floor with the exciting Pergo Sensation. Your eye will notice the difference right away. Village Oak floors do not look like any other laminate floors. Then try running your fingers across the floorboards and you’re in for a real surprise!

PergoSensation takes laminate flooring to a whole new level with the beautiful, authentic Village Oak Plank. No more worrying about getting water on the floor, here is the perfect alternative for modular kitchens, modern bathrooms (non-bathing areas) or hallways. Transform your room with the subtle look and sophisticated feel of softly weathered planks of our natural oak texture. As part of our Pergo Sensation Collection with AquaSafe technology, this laminate floor is virtually indistinguishable from real wood and offers exceptional water resistance. Subtly pronounced cracks and knots thanks to Genuine™ wood – a surface texture that follows the wood grain in every detail – are complemented by an extra matt finish. The feeling of wooden planks is further enhanced by bevels along all four edges. Village Oak creates the spacious, sophisticated ambience of a floor that “goes on forever”. You can’t beat the durability of the patented TitanX surface protection: so your Pergo Sensation floors will always remain fresh and elegant. Installation is so easy with the PerfectFold3.0 click system and decors that go all the way down into the bevels, to create a fully-closed surface. Pergo Sensation comes with new Modern Plank (1380 x 190 x 8 mm) format.

Silver Jugs in English Floral Patterns by SR Artefacts

Mar 05, 2018

SR Artefacts, the house of bespoke and luxurious silverware, is known for their intricate designs and unique patterns. 
Their artefacts are handmade by some of the most talented silversmiths in the country, whose skill sets are rare. One such piece is their 'Square Floral Jug' which is  engraved with classic English floral patterns. This unique square shaped jug is topped with a rounded pourer. Timeless, classic patterns on a modern piece make this a collectible edition.
About SR Artefacts:

For over 25years, Established in 1989 as a family enterprise, the firm’s commitment to quality and design has exceeded the highest of expectations — to become the first choice of collectors and connoisseurs of fine things.

From customised silverware to mementoes and memorabilia, SR Artefacts has offered up collectables that have successfully redefined the market standard for over two decades. Striving to constantly innovate and mesmerise. With a rich heritage and unshakable foundation, today SR Artefacts is more than a place where your silver desires take shape — we are the definitive silverware destination for those who expect nothing less than the best.

Hand-Painted, Oriental Blue & White Porcelain at Studio Malabar

Mar 01, 2018

 Studio Malabar brings to you a wide range of hand painted traditional Oriental porcelain artifacts to add to your home accessories.
Did you know?: Decorative elements on porcelain changed a lot over the course of the centuries. A characteristic of 15th-century blue and white porcelain, for example, is the so-called ‘heaped and piled effect’ — when the under-glaze cobalt blue concentrates in certain areas, bubbling through the surface of the glaze and turning a deep blue-black. This inadvertently gave texture, energy and shading to the design and was highly admired in the 18th century. Later potters mastered the technique of firing blue and white wares to achieve a more even cobalt blue tone. The blue varied throughout the dynasties. 
Add a little bit of history to your home with these beautifully hand painted ceramic-ware.
About Studio Malabar:
Studio Malabar is a lifestyle and fashion store in Chowpatty sea face, Mumbai. It specializes in home décor, custom-made silk, linen and cotton clothing, jewellery, artefacts, and hand-embellished bags and cushion covers. All the products are sourced and customized, or made in-house in the store’s own workshops. Studio Malabar brings in classic, traditional luxury into your modern life. 
Address: Shop 2, Stone building, Morvi Lane, Near Mahindra & Mahindra Showroom, Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007 
Contact number022-23620225
Store Timings: Monday to Saturday, 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Leafy ​Platters by HIIH

Mar 01, 2018

HIIH's nature-inspired ceramic collection is available in a wide selection of colours and sizes.
These gorgeous pieces are handcrafted ceramics fired in a wood kiln and glazed to perfection. Off whites, greens, aquas, greys and many other striking colours are available in this collection of ceramics.
HIIH is a design-led, artisan-made design artefact & decor brand founded by Interior Designer Reshma Chhabria Kumar.
Her experience of over 14 years in the field of Interior Design led to the conception and principle idea of HIIH - That Design is all about the details.
Being based out of Tokyo and Mumbai, the range of products reflect a sophisticated mix of Japanese aesthetics along with Indian values, materials and intricacy.
Reshma says, ' Every piece in an environment has a purpose, and that it must be well selected, well crafted, and beautiful.This is the product of the desire to create those individual pieces, that make up the whole, and what we think most definitely makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts!'
AddressShop No.7, Rafi Mansion. Near Gurunank Park. Bandra West

Ply Mahal launched Elegant Collection of “Marble Finish Laminate Panels”

Mar 01, 2018

Ply Mahal, a Delhi based innovative designer and importer of Interior Products from the last 18 years has launched an exquisite Collection of “Designer Marble Finish Laminate  Panels” to give your interiors a new stately dimension by its new creative innovation of marble finish to laminates.

This exquisite collection of Marble Finish Laminate Panels by Ply Mahal, have come with the exclusivity of marble finish on the durable laminates panels which are perfect to install in your living area walls, door, your wardrobes, and sideboards to give a creative and unique look to the interiors of your homes. It is the perfect amalgamation of luxury and durability as marble always known for it luxurious feel where laminates are best known for its durability. This designer range of Marble finish laminate panels serves a rich and impressive variety of colours, designs, and patterns. Colors like brown, white, grey with different textures that wonderfully create an arresting focal point to your homes. These designer panels are also come in texture on texture contrast which is basic in one colour and have another texture with contrast color which is rare to see an exclusive to add in your homes to give your home a powerful look to make it an inspiring one.

According to Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Director Ply Mahal- Laminates and marbles have always been the first choice when it comes to home interiors but it always be a daunting task to choose between them. Our exclusive designer range of Marble finish laminates panels are the perfect solution for it. Whether you want to add in your living area walls, sideboards, wardrobes or door these marble finish laminates panels can wonderfully be infused an expressive appearance with an extraordinary charm to provide a contemporary, bold and artful statement. It also offers numerous advantages for great sturdiness and durability, easy installation, fire resistance, dimensional stability despite temperature variations and absolute hygienic properties. Not just this, they will let you glow the ambiance of your space for countless years by many folds- he further added.



DSP Design Awarded Architect of the Year, Pune, 2018

Mar 01, 2018

DSP Design has also been awarded as “Architectural Firm of the Year” by the RealtyPlus Conclave & Excellence Awards [Pune], 2018!

Our commitment to design sustainable spaces has been reaffirmed with our project for Capgemini at Hinjewadi, Pune winning its second sustainability award. The project has been awarded “Green Project of the year” also at the RealtyPlus Conclave & Excellence Awards [Pune], 2018!

The market-driven surge towards green buildings has gained momentum and we’re excited to be contributing to the cause!