Trashpresso Upcycles Plastic And Fabric Waste To Create Floor Tiles

May 02, 2017

Miniwiz has come up with a unique technology that converts plastic and fibre waste into tiles. The entire processing unit fits into a 40-foot long shipping container that can be transported to even remote locations. The outside panels absorb solar heat, generating the electricity required for the processing. The water required in the processes is also recycled by being flushed back into the process. Miniwiz focuses on upcycling waste to reproduce it as materials that can be used to deliver new functions.  

3d Home Design App Available With Windows10 Update

Apr 28, 2017

Live Interior 3D was designed by BeLight and version 3.0 released with the new Windows10 update. Some of its special features include tools that can help to draw design elements for porches and balconies, add custom roof designs, and a 2D side view to enable smooth additions of panels and door frames. This app also introduces the ability to make 360 degrees videos and images that can be viewed on other browsers.

Amerlux Introduces Upper Reflectors To Provide Uniform Lighting For Downlights

Apr 28, 2017

Square downlights face a unique challenge of non-uniformity in its light dispersion. Amerlux has come up with a unique solution of upper reflectors that can be used in combination with Solite optic lens for downlighting fixtures. This technology can eliminate dark corners and glare, to deliver clean and highly efficient lighting. Amerlux has also applied for a patent for this technology, that is pending. Amerlux provides highly efficient lighting solutions for commercial spaces and the exterior lighting market.

Resysta To Partner With Ril To Bring Innovative Wood Alternative In India

Apr 27, 2017

RIL is looking to make their own wood compound that can be used as an alternative to natural wood. This wood will be used as a raw material in the production of sheets and as replacements for other wood applications. This substitute is water-resistant and recyclable. The technology allows for natural fiber dispertion into the polymer matrix which enhances the quality of the product, making it suitable for all weather applications. This wood compound is a sustainable resource and a solution to address the shrinking forests that are used for wood resources.  

Acuity Introduces A Solution To Assess Energy Usage

Apr 27, 2017

Acuity Brands Inc of USA introduced a tool that displays energy consumption metrics on a digital platform. It uses the nLight ECLYPSE controllers that are smart and building- ready. This software is from the Acuity brand itself that tracks and analyses energy usage of the building over a peroid of time. This product is one the few integrated metrics systems that incorporates building management as well lighting control systems under its measuring algorithms. 

Sanitaryware Plant Acquired By Jaquar Group In Kutch

Apr 27, 2017

In a 100-crore-rupees deal, Jaquar Group has acquired a sanitaryware plant in Kutch. Kutch-based Euro Ceramics Ltd previously owned the plant. However, Jaquar hasn’t acquired the company in any capacity. The addition of this plant makes Jaquar total at five manufacturing units in India. They plan on expanding this plant to a 1.8 million sanitaryware pieces of capacity as opposed to its previous 1.2 million production capacity.

Renovation On The Philadelphia Museum Of Art Begins By Gehry Partners

Apr 24, 2017

The expansion and renovation of the Philadelphia Museum of Art has begun by Gehry Partners. By 2020, the first phase of the project is set to be completed. As part of the overall renovation, this project will span 3 years at an estimated cost of $196 million. The centre peice of the redesign will be a multilevel circulation hub called the forum that will serve as the focus of the Gehry Partners’ design. The 640-foot-long walkaway will also be restored under this project. 

Two New Art-inspired Carpet Collections To Be Launched By Bentley Mills

Apr 24, 2017

Secco and Impasto, the two new art inspired carpet ranges by the California based company are to be launched in May. It incorporates clean lines to abstract blocks and vibrant splashes of colour pushing the threshold of its design and manufacturing process. Impasto draws inspiration from the impressionist style of maestros like Van Gogh that uses thick strokes of colour and light splashes in contrast. Secco on the other hand uses the appearance of pigments applied to dry plaster walls with complex textures. The range also uses high performance fiber technology to provide durability. 

Wipro’s Verge Led Awarded The Reddot Award: Product Design 2017

Apr 22, 2017

Verge captures the essence of a work space with its volumetric lighting.
The RedDot Award Jury this year comprised of design professionals, specialist journalist and 40 independent designers. The competition received more than 5500 entries from 54 countries around the globe.

Lutron Devices Can Now Be Instructed Via Google Assistant

Apr 22, 2017

Lutron smart products can now be controlled by voice commands as it joined hands with Google Assistant to collaborate for the same. These voice commands can be given via smart devices connected to Google Home or through the android application of Google Assistant. This feature has already been rolled out for the Caseta Wireless range of connected lighting. By June 2017, it will also be rolled out for the RadioRA2 and the HomeWork QS ranges. Google Assistant is facing stiff competition from Alexa of Amazon and is collaborating with more brands to expand in the market faster.