Cimcon Lighting Releases An Emergency App Called Blue Light

May 10, 2017

The Blue Light Emergency App by CIMCON is made to provide assistance in emergency situations. When a faculty, staff or student uses the app adjacent road lights furnished with CIMCON's savvy road light controls will brighten up to full light if darkened and after that blink rapidly.  A sound alarm and GPS course data of the student will likewise show up on the campus security mobile phones.  When the ground’s security staff recognise receipt, a notice is sent back to the student telling them that help is en route.

Offline Sofa Store Launched By Urban Ladder

May 09, 2017

Urban Ladder, a home furnishing solutions company has launched yet another sofa store. It is located in the HSR Layout area of Bangalore and is 600 sq ft in area. The store exclusively displays sofas of the highest selling sets from the Urban Ladder website. The lounge offers mix and match variations in styles, colours, textures and fabric quality for customers to consider while being provided an inclusive experience of the products on display. 

Cortana Connected Smart Speaker Design Unveiled By Harman Kardon

May 09, 2017

Harman Kardon reveals its newest smart speaker product design that can be connected to Cortana. The device is semi touch activated and has a mesh grill. The speaker provides a 360 degrees sound output. Voice calling is supported by this device, unlike Google Home and Amazon Echo integrations. The pricing wasn’t revealed and the product is expected to release before the end of this year. There is an increasing demand for these voice activated products in the American market. Harman’s new product is set to hit the premium market as a luxury product.  

Howeler+ Yoon Architects Unveil Design For The Circus Conservatory

May 09, 2017

Portland is soon to get a school that provides accredited degree in Circus Arts. The Circus Conservatory is designed by Howeler+Yoon Architects to foster a unique model of education which engages with the community, landscape, and neighbourhood. It will consist of large acrobatic training halls with transparent ends in the circular plan with a view of the Fore river and the courtyard. The circular shape is synonymous to the arena of a circus performer and is designed to be kept in an interactive loop for the students juggling between training, study groups and private practice. It will also consist of an outdoor theatre.

Zara Opens Its Largest Store In Fort Area Of Mumbai

May 08, 2017

Zara, the Spanish fashion brand has opened its largest store of 51,300 sq ft in Fort, Mumbai. This is its largest store in India, with its 19 other stores being between 20,000 and 50,000 sq ft.They further plan to shut their smaller stores and absorb the merchandise and the staff into the bigger stores. Zara will be paying a record anuual rent of Rs 30 crores for this store. H&M, Zara’s biggest competitor which entered the Indian market in October 2015, has its largest store in Hyderabad at 33,000 sq ft.

Interior Design Now In Virtual Reality With Planner 5d

May 08, 2017

The Planner 5D allows users to step into their dream home and engage with colours and furniture pieces through virtual reality. This customisable app provides users with an immersive experience of being able to virtually step into their dream home and experiment with its interior design. The app is currently being used by over 18 million people looking for a solution to create new designs for their space. The app is simple to use and after the user enters the floor plan, one can easily browse through an exhaustive list of furniture catalogues. The designs can also be viewed in 2D and 3D and shared with others via social media platforms.

Altman Lighting To Unveil Innovative Lighting Products For Architectural Solutions At Lightfair 2017

May 08, 2017

Lightfair, one of the world’s largest commercial lighting and architectural trade show has returned in its 28th edition at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Convention Center bringing in some of the newest inventions by the best brands in the lighting industry. The Chalice 70W Recessed and Pendant downlight is the newest addition to the Chalice LED house light range of Altman Lighting. With more than 7,000 lumens of yield, the Chalice 70W eases the upkeep challenges related with hard-to-get-to areas, and have been designed as a Mains Dimmable or DMX controlled luminaire accessible in two diverse controls. Using a homogenised, non-pixelated and non-granulated single point source plan which reproduces a conventional light source, an assortment of reflector alternatives are available for roof applications from 10 to 50 feet.

Egypt’s Growing Property Market To Be Highlighted At The Egypt Property Show 2017

May 05, 2017

The Egypt Property Show (EPS) 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, is set to showcase the dynamic growth of the Egyptian property market through its collection of megaprojects that are in pipeline as well as ongoing. The real estate segment in Egypt has been growing consistently in the past few years with news products and services adding to the excellent quality delivered. This has driven the market to be one with high returns for investors, drawing in larger capital into the supporting segments.The 3-day exhibition is to kick-start today highlighting the increasing supply of real estate to meet the local housing demands as well as the international demands to invest in a key market of the UAE.   

Thermally-modified American Ash Wood Installed At Dubai Creek Harbour

May 05, 2017

T.ZED Architects along with the American Hardwood Export Council came up with ‘The Cocoon’ that serves as a live demonstration as a test to the thermally- modified American Ash and American White Oak wood. This structure is currently being showcased as an observation deck at the Dubai Creek Harbour Promenade. It was originally built for the Downtown Design Dubai 2016 but was taken up on this project by RiseDCH. RiseDCH is a lifestyle brand that aims to showcase ‘the Future of Living’ to Dubai. 

New Software To Help Designers To Make Original Designs

May 05, 2017

The recent boom in patent applications has caused an increasing conflict of interest with new upcoming product designs. Researchers at the Brunel University of London have made a software tool to assist product designers in the modelling stage of the process. The tool alerts the designer if any component of the design is in potential conflict with an existing patent. This will not only help designers come up with news original products but also save them the unnecessary hassle of costly litigation arising from a conflict of a patent.