Save The Date For Studio Twenty8fifty7’s Grand Opening!

Jan 04, 2017

Studio Twenty8Fifty7, a new concept store for fashion and home design, has saved the date for its grand opening on Jan. 7 at 10 a.m., located at 450 Madison Plaza SE, Leesberg. The exclusive store’s owners, Jewell Green from Posh Couture, and Janice Harvey from Janice Harvey Designs, will host the VIP ribbon cutting celebration.

On the home decor side, Twenty8Fifty7 offers unique and elegant custom designs for residential and commercial interiors, as well as for special events and milestone celebrations. The store is designed to be a lifestyle boutique that will be equipped to dress shoppers and their homes!

The opening times for the store are Tuesday – Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday: CLOSED; Monday: by appointment.

Delhi Furniture Interior Design Awards Is Now Accepting Entries!

Jan 04, 2017

As a brilliant kickstart to 2017, AK group and Apple Plywood in association with Architects Guild, present Delhi Furniture Interior Design Awards 2017. The first of its kind in the city, the award brings together architects, interior designers and design teams, giving them a platform to display their talent and flair as they gear up for the awards in the new year.

A quest for creative ingenuity that transcends language barriers and speaks to everyone, the award is a springboard to new career opportunities. Far beyond the practical purpose of the building, the award seeks a truly creative design that remains over generations, inspiring people and enriching lives. The lookout is for exemplary talent.

The competition being open to students and practising professionals from Mangaluru and Udupi, need entry requirements and guidelines to be followed, which are available here.

Hermès Launches Its First Outdoor Fabrics Collection

Jan 03, 2017

Let’s ring in the year with some good news. The all-time favourite luxury brand Hermès, whose scarves, handbags, ties and even perfumes you’d kill for, has now released its outdoor fabrics collection!


Adaptable to the exterior environment of your home, this new collection is the perfect choice to dress up your exteriors – be it your terrace, balcony or poolside. As for quality, keeping to tradition of using only the best fabrics, the materials are technical in practice yet sensual and exuberant in appearance. The fabrics are resistant to moisture, light, and chlorine.


With interplay in pattern, the fabrics are bold and expressed in four colour harmonies, exuding warm and natural vibes.  New year, new upgrade!

Recycled 3d Led Light Diffuser Now On The Market!

Jan 03, 2017

The award-winning architectural studio, Margot Krasojević, predominately explores renewable energy, sustainability and environmental issues within architecture and product design through the lace LED, which is a 3D printed product design investigating the importance of recycling and repurposing plastic.

The LED light diffuser is printed with recycled post-consumer plastics like synthetic polymer packaging found in take-away food containers as well as 3D printer off-cuts. 


The Lace LED is an example of scale invariance; an exact form of self-similarity where at any magnification there is a smaller piece of the object that is similar to the whole.

These complex shapes direct LED light through the entire pattern, which diffuses, deflects and refracts light creating a moving shadow whilst focusing it. The form is the antithesis of the mass-produced recycled bottles and waste used in its fabrication. The parametric design pattern comes in an infinite sequence of configurations from digital model to printed object.

The LED bulb is energy-efficient, emitting no heat the LED is a bright 60 Candela white warm visible for 4 metres in a dark room.

A Chair That Takes The Shape Of Your Body!

Jan 03, 2017

India’s leading turnkey solutions provider, Vector Projects, has multiplied its range of innovative properties with their newest product: Q-Fold chair. Versatile in nature, this functional and appealing latest addition is a perfect fit for one’s office or home. Chic and intriguing, Q-Fold is crafted to take into consideration the user’s figure by offering adequate comfort and support to the body.

Mr. Umesh Rao, Founder & CEO, Vector Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd. puts this invention forth as an amalgamation of “ergonomics, technology and order design”, as it is designed keeping in mind the human body conformation principle. Structured to alleviate the lumbar region pressure, this chair seamlessly blends with the body when someone sits in it. With each movement the 2:1 proportion of moving angle between the backrest and seat mat balances the body from feet to back and also provides a long-lasting style for any lounge application. A classy addition to any space, Q-Fold is comfortable, bold and beautiful that adds a dash of style to any space.

This sleek chair has two types – round and rectangle, available in striking colours: pink and blue in the round variation, and yellow and black in the rectangle variation.

Nasa Designs “mars Ice Dome” For Future Explorers

Jan 02, 2017

According to past reports, the surface of Mars has extreme and erratic geographical conditions, which make survival difficult. Researchers at NASA’s Langley Research Centre in Virginia have discovered the best building material to protect astronauts from these weather conditions: ice.

"Mars Ice Dome," covered in a shell of water ice, is one of many potential concepts for sustainable habitation on the Red Planet, which will need to “withstand many years of use in the harsh martian environment, including ultraviolet radiation, charged-particle radiation, possibly some atomic oxygen, perchlorates (and dust storms),” stated Langley researcher Sheila Ann Thibeault.

The dome’s several features have dealt with these issues: lightweight structure, portable and easily deployable and refillable. Additionally, water being a hydrogen-rich material, is an excellent shielding material for galactic cosmic rays.

Experts who develop systems for extracting resources on Mars have indicated that it is possible to fill the habitat at a rate of one cubic metre per day, which allows the Ice Home design to be completely filled in 400 days, further implying that the design could be scaled up if water is extracted at higher rates.

This Trio Of Towers Will Transform The Skyline Of Los Angeles

Jan 02, 2017

The international architecture firm, Skidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM), responsible for some of the most iconic buildings of the world: Burj Khalifa, One World Trade Center and Willis Tower, has designed three connected residential skyscrapers, public shopping and dining spaces, and outdoor areas in Los Angeles’ South Park neighbourhood. 

The towers will accommodate 1,367 residential units, with generous balconies and communal terraces; a total retail space of 40,000 sq. ft. and “open, green” spaces measuring up to 115,000 sq. ft. 

The Olympia Development apartments are "designed to attract Downtown Los Angeles' growing creative class" according to developer City Century.

According to Stuart Morkun, Executive Vice President of City Century, "From its striking skyline presence to the transformation of the streetscape below, Olympia will be the pinnacle of Los Angeles living."

Zynna Introduces New Collection Welcoming The New Year!

Jan 02, 2017

Zynna, famous internationally for its extensive range in fabrics has recently launched its riveting and delightful upholstery fabrics for the love season. The classic jacquards prints in fabrics give a royal and spectacular touch combined with a timeless and “elegant” feel with its damask pattern, comments Mr. Retesh Sharma, MD, Zynna. Linen, velvet, and faux silk are considered to be the best choices for upholstery because of their durability.

Zynna has satisfied the necessity of sophisticated style in an extensive series of color palette from bright enticing colors to light and sober shades of red. The specialty of the collection is their pioneering designs, simplicity, and endurance. The collection will add depth, giving a truly individual look to the interiors. Each fabric is vibrant and beautifully crafted. With the products being versatile in its own approach, it will help to lift the character and style of any room. Each textile is designed with an exceptional quality while maintaining a unique style for the interiors.

The customer can avail the latest collection of Comersan fabrics at Zynna, Gurgaon. 

Soraa Chosen To Illuminate Singapore’s Gravity Club

Dec 29, 2016

Soraa, the world leader in GaN (gallium nitride) on GaN™ LED technology, announced that its LED lamps have been installed at the Gravity Club, a premium, invitation-only fitness club in the heart of Singapore’s central business district.

Gravity Club owners Fitness First, one of the largest fitness brands in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia, worked with Illuminate Lighting Design to create an atmosphere where lighting helps define the club’s sophisticated brand and style, and enhance the members’ experience.

Designers at Illuminate Lighting Design chose Soraa’s LEDs for their colour temperature, high output, multiple beam options, and dimmability.

“Soraa’s LED lamps perfectly illuminate the Gravity Club. The successful integration of lighting as part of Gravity Club’s holistic experience was the result of a fresh approach to lighting schemes that are rarely offered in a gym,” said Claire Riley of Illuminate Lighting Design.

Re-use, Re-design & Re-think: Risd’s Interior Architecture Department

Dec 29, 2016

At the intersection of architecture, conservation and design, Rhode Island School of Design’s (RISD) Interior Architecture department takes an innovative approach to the “reuse and transformation of existing structures”, says Department Head Liliane Wong. Following this approach, the department began publishing the internationally recognized Int|AR Journal on Interventions and Adaptive Reuse in 2009. Advanced design studios focused on adaptive reuse are central to both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Unlike the fields of interior design and decoration, interior architecture looks less at the application of surface materials than at understanding the design of buildings from the inside out.


In Liliane’s words, the exploration of built designs “includes interior interventions, architectural addition and refurbishment, installation, exhibit design, urban transformations and community engagement – using adaptive reuse as the primary tool.” In the studio, students use digital and manual means to research and recommend design alterations and renovations that give existing buildings new life. Studios focus on a wide range of approaches, from domestic to retail design to theater/production design to issues of preservation and conservation.