RR Decor Launches Its New Bianco Collection

Apr 02, 2018

RR Decor has unveiled its all-new Bianco collection under its vast home furnishings catalogue. Celebrating handcrafted artistry, the collection a beautiful take on the traditional patterns immersed in a modern colour palette. Intricately embroidered paisley and floral patterns rest beautifully on long and sheer drapes. The use of a hushed colour scheme makes the collection suitable for all kinds of home interiors.

Exhibiting regality, this baroque collection will infuse luxurious ambience in your home.
Traditional yet contemporary patterns have been expertly embroidered on plush fabrics. The
quiet colour palette will incorporate a sense of calm. The use of rich fabrics will leave a lasting
impression in the eyes of the beholder. Bring home these rich designs and let the collection
will your home with grace and oodles of sobriety. RR Decor makes sure that your home is a
true personification of your rich inner personality. Rohit Khemka, Founder and Managing Director of RR Decor, says, “Expressed in the language of traditional Indian textile, our Delhi studio provides turnkey crafting of luxury soft furnishings and bed linen.”

Beyond Designs Launches Its New Collection of Artifacts and Bar

Apr 02, 2018

Give your home the inimitable drama it deserves with Beyond Designs all-new collection of Artifacts and Bar. As the name suggests, the collection is about introducing unorthodox ideas to the home interiors and making a statement with minimalism. The vast collection steals its inspiration from vintage India and aims to infuse the old- world heritage to the contemporary homes of today.

The unique design and intricate detailing exhibit thoughtful craftsmanship, making each piece
stand out as one of its kind. Make your home appear full of character with these antique
decorative and treasure oodles of compliments. For people who love to appreciate the
uniqueness and beauty of antique elements in their home, the latest collection of artifacts and
bar is the answer. The visually enticing and emotionally evocative designs are sure to make
your interiors stand out.

IDUS launches Exquisite Collection of Side Tables

Apr 02, 2018

IDUS a premium furniture store & showroom situated at Kirti Nagar, Delhi who is known for its unparalleled spectrum of furniture from the best furniture brands around the world has introduced its exquisite Collection of Side tables that can surely infuse trendy and creative furniture piece to add a sophisticated element to the décor of your living room.

The exquisite collection of creative Side tables is an elite work of art that holds an amalgamation of classic, sleek styles to ultra-chic designs that could be a sheer tribute to the interior décor of your living space serving functional demand and contemporary style. Available in different shapes and sizes like a square, circular, or cubical these side tables have a knack for creatively fitting in in numerous spaces. Creatively carved out designs of side tables combine the use of the superior quality materials like wood, marble, black faux leather, veneer, resin, natural coco, ebony, copper etc. in the best possible ways. With stronger frames and high sheen finishes including designer cuts and artsy touch, the collection of the side tables encompass a myriad of decorative possibilities for any living space. 

According to Sameer Hora-MD IDUS, this exquisite collection of creative Side tables truly exhibits substantial durability with exclusive functionality and core strength. The collection comprising of each side table that carries utmost sophisticated elements, with noticeable refined finishing touches for outstanding proficiency and style, which is unique with a modish artistic touch. These side tables are a true representation of versatile pieces that can surely add a contemporary look to your living area and uplift the tone of your living spaces serving a grand ambience.

Showroom Address: IDUS

10/57, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area

New Delhi-110015

Ph: 011 45888000


Wisma Atria Interiors introduces its latest Green Furniture Collection

Apr 02, 2018

Wisma Atria Interiors is one of India's leading furniture store headed by interior designer Nomita Kohli has launched its latest Green Furniture Collection that perfectly accents contemporary spaces with style and sophistication as well as calm and restful feeling. Being the most soothing, relaxing and youthful colour in terms of human view and dominant to nature this colour is one of the best and the natural choice for designing homes.

The collection comprises of beautifully seating designed options and a centre table which provides the luxurious statement with rich comfort and style. Designed with high-end materials such as solid wood, tempered glass, metal frame, antique brass legs with velvet and satin fabric, this designer range of green furniture collection by Wisma Atria Interiors will surely add a touch of class, comfort and durability enhancing the luxury quotient of your homes. The table in this collection is the masterpiece which is made of green tempered glass and metal frame with a golden finish that will surely create a welcoming and calm aura to your homes.

According to Nomita Kohli, co-founder of Wisma Atria Interiors- Now you can create a serene environment in your home with our latest designer Green Color collection that will brighten up your space as it is known as the color of life.  In our designer range of Green collection, each piece is designed with a stunning finish and countless cycles of testing so that it can be labelled as a contemporary classic that fits perfectly in a modern space to create contrasting settings and also maintains the durability. This unique Emerald collection not only enriches and enhances your home’s vibe but also support the worth of appreciation.

Price: On Request

Available at:

Wisma Atria Interiors by Nomita Kohli

F-208, Lado Sarai, Old MB Road,

New Delhi 110030, India

INORGANIC - a solo exhibition by Aashish Moga

Mar 30, 2018

Aashish Moga's solo show focuses on artists understanding as a spectator of how humans in the present century are utilizing their technological know-how in manipulating, controlling, and sometimes even interfering and more often than not, transforming natural terrains as well as natural processes. Subsequently such interactions result in various states of unfinished or finished transformations of natural landscapes that often result in complete destruction.
Moga’s artworks also lead the viewer to realize that with the boom in technology in the past few decades, humans have become increasingly dependent on electronic gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, e-pads, air conditioners, navigation etc. There is an almost sinister blurring of the human and the non-human due to this increasing reliance on technology that has been posited to enhance, improve, and simplify life. More than what we would like to admit, Moga’s artworks make us confront the reality that these gadgets have become an extension of our beings, almost as if we are wearing a layer of technology over our skin.
Interacting with an electronic interface is how most people’s days begin and end where we are all trying to express human emotions through something as virtual as emoticons. Aashish as an artist has foreseen this dangerous reliance on these seemingly benign and beneficial gadgets are actually instruments that will ultimately retard our sensitivity and intelligence towards life and the world around us.
Moga very interestingly renders this seamless integration of a crust of electronics on the body of the human and how these are eventually going to supplant every perceptible phenomenon that arise out of human interactions. In other words, it is Aashish’s own understanding and narrative of his observations of the process of things like logic designs,integrated circuits, microprocessors and controllers from the chips that enable humans superficially but lastingly disables them in insidious ways. His artworks represent human beings in a very cyborg-like form where technology comprises basic components of electronics like resistors, capacitators, diodes, transistors, transformers, wires and the likes.
In order to bring the quality of verisimilitude, Moga uses acrylics, watercolours, aluminium rivets, wires, and other electronic paraphernalia. These reinforce the idea that humans have accepted that these changes in life are necessary for daily functioning and that we must nagivate ourselves in this entangled network of natural and artificial objects. 
Aashish Moga holds a B. Tech in Electronics and Communication from Dehradun Institute of Technology. He has exhibited several times in his alma mater in the L’amour Art Exhibition and participated and won prizes in various competitions in IIT Roorkee during his graduation. Going beyond the ambit of academic
campuses, he has shown his works in New Delhi and nearby cities. He has also interned in Galerie Danniel Besseiche, Paris during the India Art Fair.
EVENT:: INORGANIC - a solo exhibition by Aashish Moga
VENUE:AIFACS, Gallery A, 1 Rafi Marg, Central Secretariat, New Delhi
TIMINGS::  11:00 A.M t0 7:00 P.M
DATE:: 30th March 2018 till 5th April 2018


Maharaja Whiteline launches Atlanto Protect Air Cooler, innovative technology to combat hot summer and mosquitoes

Mar 30, 2018

Scorching heat and the bane of mosquitoes are the biggest worries during summers. Maharaja Whiteline, the home-and-kitchen-appliance leader and flagship of Groupe SEB India presents Atlanto Protect air cooler, a perfect solution to this scourge. Atlanto Protect not only ensures efficient cooling but is also 2X more effective on mosquitoes* with its pioneering anti-mosquito chamber (patent under process) and superior air delivery.

The latest in air-cooling solutions from Maharaja Whiteline, Atlanto Protect’ s unique technology allows protection from the world’s deadliest animal – the mosquito, cause for the highest number of vector-borne diseases. The technology enhances the air cooler with features such as:

  • Anti-mosquito technology: The innovative Anti-Mosquito chamber (Patent under process) fitted on top of the air cooler disperses mosquito repellent effectively making the area mosquito free and thus contributing to your holistic health regimen.
  • 2X more effective*: With almost half the consumption of the repellent, the anti-mosquito chamber is twice more effective as compared to traditional methods, courtesy, wide and fast diffusion through the strong air flow.
  • The anti-mosquito repellent chamber is compatible with most refills available in the market. The chamber is user-friendly in design making it easy to install, replace or refill.

Grow your ecosystem at home

Mar 28, 2018

Tell Biopod What You Want to Grow or Raise

Biopod is an app controlled microhabitat that automatically regulates temperature light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Simply tell the Biopod App what you are wanting to raise or grow and Biopod will create the ideal environment for your plants or animals.

Plant and Seed

Plant or seed your favourite species of plants into the Biopod. Are you a Novice? The app will guide you through each step making suggestions along the way.

Watch it Grow

Your habitat will be up and running in no time. Enjoy the benefits of a fully automated system in action and never worry about environmental settings.

D’Decor introduces a new collection – the D'Decor Embroidered Bedding range!

Mar 28, 2018

D’Decor is a leading manufacturer and exporter of curtains and upholstery fabrics and is also a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of home décor and home accessories like bedding, rugs, curtains, blinds, etc. Expanding their bedding portfolio further, D’Decor has introduced a new luxurious range called the D'Decor Embroidered Bedding range.

This bedding range has been curated with an exclusive fabric quality and intricately detailed designs that exemplify elegance and sophistication. Right from comfortable bedsheets and complementing pillow covers to complete bed sets, the collection has the choicest bedroom décor elements that will definitely elevate the ambience of the room. Some of the popular collections in this category include:

Bestsellers: The Bestsellers collection is a collation of D’Decor’s most popular designs from the D'Decor Embroidered Bedding range. With a wide range of options available, this collection offers you a million ways to give every room a touch of love through your choice in its bed linen.

Excellence: This collection is quality driven. It is curated with artfully embroidered delicate designs that feature classic florals, modern geometrics and dramatic abstracts creating an up-to-date design aesthetic that brings home a touch of decadence.

SweetDreams: This is the finest D’Decor bed linen collection with imaginative and colourful designs that soothe you into a goodnight’s rest.

Spotlight: Bold and vivacious or understated and demure, colour forms a perception of the world around us. The Spotlight collection is inspired from colours that create an evocative atmosphere that has the power to soothe our mood and uplift our spirits.

The different products from D’Decor’s Embroidered Bedding Range can also be mixed and matched and layered to create a plush look and feel in the room. An extensive colour palette of over 34 shades to an exquisite thread count, D’Decor’s bedding collection comes with an exceptionally soft feel that adds a luxurious quality to the bedding range. The aesthetically pleasing designs of this new range are thus a perfect fit to spruce up your bedroom.

Live the premium Lifestyle without a third party to hassle you

Mar 28, 2018

Inception of e-commerce in the Indian Markethas revolutionised the way each sector works. One instance is that of digital platforms, which can now be used for searching a home on rent too without much hassle. Stayying.com – an online rental startup enters the real estate market as a premium property management system to revolutionised the house rental eco-system with a vision to help the tenants, who deserve a hassle-free quality living experience and property owners, who seek non-interrupted rental income and proper returns on investment.

Stayying.com, acts as the intermediator for both for homebuyers and also for tenants looking for houses in good localities. It also caters to the need of individuals, looking for affordable rental housing solutions in Bangalore, Chennai and Cochin. Itoffers it’s services by charging only a one months deposit from the tenant and also allowing the tenant to choose the tenure for which they wish to stay, rather than hefty deposits at the initial stage. 

Pradarshak presents Drawings & Paintings by Pravin Shinde

Mar 26, 2018

A man is the sum of all that he has imbibed since birth. This is particularly relevant in the case of artist Pravin Shinde, whose conversations seem to unwarrantedly revert to the struggle for water that he has grown up with. First at his village, then in hostel… the first vision that draws up in front of his closed eyes is that of several pots and bottles of water to combat water shortage. Turning this disturbance into positive emotions, Pravin paints pots – of all sizes, shapes and colours – acknowledging the niggling ethos, while simultaneously celebrating water as a vital resource connecting it to the panchmahabuta (five elements), the navgraha (nine planetary influences) and the navratna (nine gems) that are all a part of nature and closely connected to humanity. They manifest in different forms – sometimes direct, at times taking on a symbolic form; always building a unique narrative, individualistic to the viewer. His work veers from pen and ink drawings to watercolour and pencil works as well as acrylic on canvas; is stylised and intriguing as one tries to decode it.

The exhibition can be simultaneously viewed online at http://gallerypradarshak.com/ Dates: 12th – 23rd March. 2018 Venue: 100, Kalpana Bldg., Plot No. 338. 12th Road, Khar(W), Mumbai 400 052 Timings: 11a.m - 7p.m (Except on Sundays & Public Holidays) Tel: 26462681; 98204 60587