Kriti Sanon inaugurates Carysil’s Flagship Showroom and Tek Carysil Range in Ahmedabad, India

Nov 03, 2017

Acrysil Limited, part of Acrysil Group, is one of the world leaders in manufacturing of Residential and Commercial Kitchen appliances and products engineered with German technology, marketing the products under the brand name “Carysil”. The brand has recently opened their flagship showroom in Ahmedabad, India displaying their TEK Carysil range. Inaugurated by Bollywood Celebrity Kriti Sanon, Carysil’s flagship showroom caters exclusively for residential kitchen products and appliances. The gallery launched on October 10th 2017 is opened at Prahlad Nagar, Satellite Area in Ahmedabad and is one of the most luxurious showrooms in the city; spread over 3000 sq ft and showcasing a wide range of appliances. TEK Carysil is a luxury high-end collection form Carysil designed in Europe. Some of the highlights of the range are built-in coffee makers, built in wine chillers, combination ovens and wall mounted and island chimneys. Uniquely stylish, TEK Carysil products are both visually appealing and highly functional. Not only are all products compliant with the highest quality standards, they are also expertly designed to ensure reliability, ease of use and durability. TEK Carysil being a premium product line offers products in the finest materials with elegant and modern finishing. These optimum products aimed at Carysil’s most discerning customers give residential kitchens a unique and aspirational look.

The brand aims to evoke a pride of ownership in the buyer and boasts of 60 galleries across India showcasing their residential kitchen equipment. 

Schindler India Launches Schindler Digital Plan for Elevator Planning

Nov 01, 2017

Schindler India, a leading provider of escalators and elevators and a 100% owned subsidiary of Schindler Group has launched Schindler Digital Plan, a one-stop-shop to help architects and planners with valuable product and design information while building & planning. The breakthrough in elevator technology has made it possible for multi-story structures. Today elevators are lifelines of the tall buildings. The important factor here is to plan for the correct number and the right specifications of elevators, considering the type of building, its tenancy, population etc. Planning plays a crucial role is because once the elevators are installed, it is extremely difficult to change, or add more elevators without making substantial changes to the building structure. Schindler's advanced Digital Planning tool adds key value on this front, by helping architects and customers alike to plan for the optimum elevator configuration while designing their buildings. It helps not only in planning, but this dynamic tool also enables architects to create elevator layouts, elevator traffic study and tender documents in a customized manner for their projects. Moreover, the tool will help architects and designers in all kinds of facilities planning based on its type and usage, be it residential, commercial, hotel, hospitals etc. Schindler Digital Plan uses the latest visualization technology and data analytics to give designers and customers comprehensive product specifications and detailed layout drawings which are invaluable. Architects using Schindler Digital Plan will be provided with two options i.e. Guided Planning where the designers will navigate through the portal and enter building design details and the second option will be Fast Track that allows the architect to filter the Schindler product catalogue to find the desired planning data which includes determining the minimum lift requirements through a simple Traffic Study and Schindler product recommendations.

Antica Ceramica launched Grey Series of Vitrified Tiles

Nov 01, 2017

Antica Ceramica, an internationally acclaimed organization that specializes in ceramic, mosaic & allied product segment have recently launched Grey Series of Vitrified tiles in the market. The Grey series of Vitrified tiles are natural in calming effect that harmony well with the room interiors. Both the matte & gloss finish with large tiles infuses utmost perfection to the living room, guest room, and bedroom or lobby area. Grey colour tiles are in vogue these days as it compliments to the modern and contemporary interiors. The Grey coloured tile collection comes both for floor and walls in more than 50 different patterns, styles & variety of grey shades and in the size of 600 x 1200 format. These tiles are surely one of its kinds that come with an excellent finishing touch and safety glazed coating which restricts it to be non-slippery and scratch resistance. The best part of these tiles is that they can be mixed and matched to decorative effect with a wide variety of grey tile models. About Antica Ceramica: Serving the industry for past three decades, Antica Ceramica is an internationally acclaimed organization that specializes in ceramic, mosaic & allied product segment. They are also the sole distributor for many European Tiles & Mosaic brands in India. With the National presence, Antica Ceramica deals into a wide range of Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles, Polished Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Tiles, Digital Tiles, Designer Tiles & sanitary ware and bath fittings.


Churchgate Station gets an artistic makeover with a tribute mural of Mahatma Gandhi

Nov 01, 2017

St+art India Foundation and Asian Paints, along with the gracious support of  Western Railway and the Consulate General of Brazil in Mumbai, have come together to transform Churchgate station, one of Mumbai’s busiest stations, into a work of art. Legendary Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra, known for his remarkable photorealistic portraits rich in colour and geometric kaleidoscopic shapes, pays tribute to historical leaders who stood in the name of peace-creating unforgettable landmarks in cities.  The Mahatma Gandhi mural, which Kobra is in the process of creating at Churchgate station, is in-line with his aim of creating public art masterpieces which are democratic in nature and symbols of peace - messages which are particularly relevant to our times. The project at Churchgate is an opportunity to offer commuters a cultural experience through murals in the most accessible way possible. The artwork which is on the outside facade of the landmark Churchgate station, one of Mumbai’s beloved stations, has been made possible because of the support of Western Railway. The mural of Mahatma Gandhi in Churchgate station aims to use the power of public art to create a dialogue and join people under a positive message of peace. Some of Eduardo Kobra’s most celebrated pieces include the portraits of Oscar Niemeyer in Sao Paolo, Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa in Los Angeles, ‘Kiss’ in Times Square, New York. Along with his team, Kobra created the Guinness world record for the largest spray-painted mural “Etnias”, for the Rio 2016 Olympics. St+art Mumbai 2017: Over the course of the next 3 months, the St+art Mumbai festival will bring 30 international and Indian artists to Mumbai to create murals, experiential exhibitions, performances, workshops, curated tours, screenings, talks and many more interventions that will bring various creative communities together. The aim is to create newer ways of re-discovering the city through art and urban design interventions.

The Great Eastern Home launches a splendid range of beds

Oct 31, 2017

Apart from comfort, luxury and lavishness are other essential features that your bed should add to the aesthetics of your space. Imagine entering a room which makes you feel like a king the time you step in! The magnificent new range of Beds introduced by The Great Eastern Home will provide you with just such an experience – one which every person dreams about. These period style beds have been reproduced to perfection and are now available at The Great Eastern Home in order to add majesty and opulence to the abode of its connoisseurs and patrons. The Queen size bed that has four posters will take you back to the time of the royals when placed in your room. The intricate designs exquisitely handcrafted in Burma teak wood- Burmese Art Deco make this bed exclusive. There is nothing like the romance of a four-poster bed, evoking an era long past. If you are looking out for something elegant and classic to sleep upon, then try the brass bed. What makes this bed exceptional is its durability. This colonial style bed will last you for ages and generations and never run out of fashion or style due to its simple and classic design. When made a part of your home décor, the magnum four poster bed is a dream come true. This is a reproduction piece that symbolizes the richness of Art Noveau style with its stunning designs intricately handcrafted on Burma teak wood.


Bent Chair by Natasha Jain launches Halloween Decor Range.

Oct 31, 2017

Bent Chair is an e-tailer furniture brand by Natasha Jain who is an engineer from Stanford University. The company has its roots in Ambala and is known for its quirky home decor products. Plasma Vapour Deposition is a technology that only Bent Chair has among all the other Indian furniture brands. As Halloween is around the corner Bent Chair has some quirky yet spooky products which are perfect to decorate your homes and are sure to get you in the Halloween mood.  Some of the products include the ceramic pumpkin, skull face plate, winged cupid angels, roaring Tyrannosaurus sculpture, deer head wall mount, fossiled T-Rex skull among others. 

LERA Hosts "Innovation Celebration" for Virtual Reality Software Launch

Oct 31, 2017

LERA's launched new software products: IMMERSIFY, a Virtual Reality collaboration platform; and Cuttlefish, an interoperability software platform. IMMERSIFY allows designers and developers to bring models from Revit and Rhino directly into Virtual IMMERSIFY is now available for purchase through Supple LLC is a new software company created by the R+D group at LERA. IMMERSIFY can be used on numerous complex projects to assist with design coordination and decision making. 

Wisma Atria Interiors by Nomita Kohli launched splendid furniture Collection by its Italian brand- Fratelli Boffi

Oct 30, 2017

Known for her aesthetically curate high-end selection, Interior designer Nomita Kohli of Wisma Atria Interiors, has launched the uniquely designed, splendid furniture Collection by Fratelli Boffi from Italy at her design studio Wisma Atria Interiors at Lado Sarai, New Delhi. The Fratelli Boffi Collection presented by Nomita Kohli of Wisma Atria Interiors consists of meticulously designed and carved Armchairs, Bar, Sofa and sideboard to accent Italian touch into your abode. Each piece is a masterpiece with exclusive concept behind its designing. This contemporary Italian furniture collection is a perfect blend of style and exclusive design inspired by tradition and modern concept to add vivacity to your living spaces.The Fratelli Boffi collection available at Wisma Atria Interiors by Nomita Kohli represents furniture pieces comprising of elegant, stylish and comprehensive embellishments to adorn your living spaces in an artful fashion. The well- designed collection is promising enough to be steady and durable enough exhibiting craftsman’s creativity and innovative skills with the refined finishing touches that are surely noticeable from this splendid furniture collection.

Idus introduces its contemporary Red colour Collection

Oct 30, 2017

Idus a luxury furniture store has launched its contemporary Red Furniture Collection that would infuse your living spaces with lively, elite and modish touches. The Red colour collection by Idus comprises of the elegantly designed furniture pieces like 2 seater sofa, majestic wall bowls that make up for a wonderful wall art, a magnificent ceramic porcelain goldfish with precious Swarovski crystals, a stylish straight line drawer panel, a tall and elegant bookkeeping stand, a smart space-saving sofa bed, a trendy ottoman with hanging fringes and a grand chair with a comfy back support. The collection holds on an amalgamation of modish designs, materials, shapes, and sizes that can smartly fit in your living spaces while adding a romantic and blissful style to the overall décor. All the furniture pieces of this splendid red collection are made from premium quality materials like solid wood moulded foam, iron, steel, aluminium and ceramic with craftsman’s creative skills combined with the latest technology to offer embellishments that can add majestic visual appeal while serving extravagant luxury to the décor of your abode.


Loom Crafts Presents Loom Clad, a Collection of Aluminium Cladding

Oct 30, 2017

To give a magical face lift to the high-end exterior construction and architectural industry, ‘Loom Crafts’ a name synonymous with high quality, innovations and trendsetting designs in outdoor lifestyle,  has innovated the first of its kind exterior surfacing solutions—Loom Clad, poised to revolutionize the building construction code. Loom Clad is an extruded aluminium weatherboard system offering a choice of different profiles for use in new construction or for re-cladding. It is suitable for residential or commercial works as exterior cladding for the entire structure or for feature areas in combination with other cladding products. Suitable for use in the interior as well as exterior applications, Loom Clad, the collection of Aluminium Cladding by Loom Crafts features cladding or integrated into the door, screens, canopies ceilings, counter fronts etc. Ergonomically designed, Loom Clad can be customized and installed as per the distinct demands of clients. Available in a wide variety of textures and colours, Loom Clad can even be installed in a range of profiles and styles to completely change the look and feel of your outdoors. So whether it’s an existing building or a new construction at any given altitude or even in the coastal area, Loom Clad is the sheer ideal option to achieve a timeless luxurious finish and appeal. Loom Clad is aluminium cladding available in wide range of wood grain and solid colour finishes. The wood grain and solid colours applied to Loom Clad are warranted for up to 15 years assuring superior resistance to weathering in the colour and gloss retention. Loom Clad won’t rot, warp, peel or fade and is even impervious to insects. Even after the warranty period Loom Clad can be recycled or re-coated while it also, has a resale value which means it’s an investment with return unlike Wood and other available cladding options.