Roca To Enter The Tile Segment

May 22, 2017

The subsidiary of Roca Group based in Spain, Roca Bathroom products is to launch a set of tiles. These high end tiles will be a first for the company to open ventures in the tiles market. With an estimated earning of Rs. 100 crore, Roca aims to open investments to the 1,000 crore industry in India. The products will be launched in a span of six to eight months in the luxury tiles market. 

In A First, Jammu & Kashmir May Bring Real Estate Under Gst

May 19, 2017

Jammu & Kashmir finance minister, Haseeb Drabu indicated at moving the required legislation in the state assembly to bring the real estate sector under the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The shift will help the state secure Rs2,000 crore worth of additional resources that will expand the tax base to around 15%. The current funds are at Rs 11,000 crore and is set to receive a major boost, if passed. Drabu also mentioned a possibility of an integrated GST, with singular audit powers. 

Blum Subsidiaries Open More Premises In India

May 19, 2017

Set up in 2016, Blum India recently moved to new workplaces in Mumbai. The 200 sq mt showroom offers best deals for the business sector. Blum India offers Tandembox and Legrabox – two box frameworks with a wide range of outline alternatives. The thought is to give clients more noteworthy outline extension and a lot of conceivable outcomes for separation. Julius Blum Gmbh has practical experience in assembling furniture fittings and capacities around the globe. They will continue to work together with Häfele India to fill customers with enthusiasm for Blum products.  

Ikea To Build A Home Service Department In India

May 19, 2017

To deliver and assemble its products, Ikea is to launch its own home services department in India. Its expects a 50% customer usage coupled with an increase in demand. The home service store will help customers get their products delivered an assembled at home. In other countries, this facility is largely unavailable. Ikea will launch its online store soon after and expects to start with its living room and bedroom range of products to take off first. 

Robotic 3d Printers Capable Of Printing Buildings Design Unveiled

May 18, 2017

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers has designed a robotic 3D printer that is capable of printing entire buildings. Called the Digital Construction Platform (DCP), it is engineered like a human hand. The hydraulic robotic arm has tips of precision motion and its attached to a tracked vehicle. The arm-like function directs and controls the construction nozzle to spray insulation of pour concrete and control fabrication machinery. As it is designed to be free-moving it can print about any size. This will make the building process cheaper and will hence lower the overall costs involved. It will also help make customizations easier, optimising the strength and insulation of the building. 

Vibrant Ceramics Expo Seeks Participation From The Canadian Ceramic Industry

May 18, 2017

The Vibrant Ceramics Expo and Summit 2017 will be held from the 14th to the 19th of November 2017. in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. The expo will be spread over 50,000 sq mt with over 400 brands from more than 250 exhibitors. By participating in Stonex Canada, this expo seeks to collaborate in the Canadian market for the Vibrant Ceramics Expo. They are currently in talks with Terrazzo, Marble and Tile Manufacturers of Canada and Vaughan Chambers of Commerce to secure their participation. The expo being organised by Morbi Ceramics Associations will feature tiles that are cheaper than those available from China and better style options than those from Italy. 

The Gmr Hyderabad International Airport Adopts Energy Efficient Lighting

May 18, 2017

The first in south India to do so, Hyderabad International Airport changed around 19 thousands halogen lamps from its taxiway edge lights to adopt LED that are energy efficient. It is only the second airport in India to do so after GMR New Delhi. Changing to LEDs will save 2.2 million units of energy in a year for this airport that caters to annual passenger traffic of 15 million people annually. 

Indonesian Small Town, Kampung Pelangi Gets A Technicolour Makeover

May 17, 2017

The small town of Kampung Pelangi in Indonesia has received a facelift with technicolour paint worth around $22,000. Slamet Wildodo, a junior high principal came up with the idea following efforts taken up in other parts of Indonesia. Every element in the town’s outer façade has been painted with at least three colours making the walls, benches and even roofs as canvases for this artistic revival. The uncoloured shabby brick walls of the town are now completely covered in bright colours and murals. This also doubles up as an effort to boost tourism and serves as a local attraction.

Architecture Firm Eray Varbajo Unveils Urban Rural

May 17, 2017

Eray Carbajo, an American-Turkish architecture firm revealed plans for Urban Rural, a design to be featured in the heart of Istanbul. This structure will consist of hexagonal living units that work on the principles of modular design while providing each unit with a triangular garden area. These external triangular garden cavities also serve as a truss area, creating a uniformity in the external façade of the structure. Set to be completed in 2019, it promotes sustainability with its dependency on raw materials as well as technology that are eco-friendly. 

Young Architects And Designers Will Work On The Hyderabad Metro Stations

May 17, 2017

The designing and landscaping work for the Hyderabad metro is set to engage budding architects and designers of the city. The metro rail authorities want to boost and engage raw talent in the designing process to rejuvenate these public spaces. The fresh and relevant ideas of these young designers will add the much-needed vigour in the space. Art spots near the station and the skywalls under the metro viaduct are some of the areas that will be used to showcase their work. The Hyderabad rail authorities have also previously worked with raw talent for a landscaping competition, rewarding the winner a sum of eight lakh rupees.