Velux designs extraordinary window that adds square footage space

Nov 30, 2017

Designed by Velux, the window is a unique design. Although on the outside it looks like just another ordinary window, it provides leg space and opens up to become a mini balcony. Moreover, the time taken to make this change is also as fast as opening a window itself. It is utility redefined, as it offers more space than what an ordinary window provides.

Ottimo Showcases Their New Collection of Space Saving Furniture by Tumidei

Nov 29, 2017

Ottimo showcases their latest collection of smart space saving furniture at their flagship store at Ghitorni designed by Tumidei. No matter what the size of your bedroom is, space-saving ideas are always welcome. The space saving options from their new collection by the Italian furniture manufacturer Tumidei will surely inspire you. Closets under beds, beds over closets, bureaus under beds, hidden storage and study desks, there’s a lot of space-saving possibilities available in Tumidei’s new collection. 

Tumidei has a large selection of cabinets, bookcases, multi storage units and entertainment units that offer plenty of storage space, while also adding flair to the room. The range also offers a variety of options to pick from in terms of both the design and the finishes used. So the next time you think of revamping your home, Ottimo is a good way to start!

About The Brand: Ottimo began life as an idea to showcase the best of Italian furniture in India. The brain child of Ashok Basoya, Ottimo showcases leading Italian brands in the field of interior design alongside Ashok’s own in house brand –Ottimo. Backed by years of expertise, patented technologies and innovative designs, Ottimo’s showcase traverses sofas, beds, doors, walls and floorings, kitchens, children’s room, rooms within rooms, studio apartments, kitchen appliances, home automation and more. 

Availability of the brand in India at: Ottimo: 354, Jagat Complex (1st Floor), 100 Feet Road, Ghitorini, New Delhi - 110030

Make your floor alive, with living expression collection by Pergo

Nov 29, 2017

Pergo is recognized around the world as a leading innovator of high-quality laminated flooring brand.  The Pergo Living Expression Collection will make your floor come alive. Pergo has always aimed at being simply the best when it comes to flooring.

Pergo Living Expression highlights the natural character of wood, even down into the bevels. The matt finish brings out the best of wood. Living Expression collections are equipped with Pergo’s trademark technology TitanXTMand PerfectFold™ 3.O that not only keep its elegant finish year in and year out but also fast and easy to install. Pergo Living Expression is the perfect combination of beautiful design and performance to revamp a place with the finest flooring with easy maintenance and care.

The Living Expression collection features with Pergo Genuine™ wood texture, a lightly polished structure that follows the wood grain in every detail, complemented by a silk matt finish. The Living Expression quality level is suitable for all-round domestic use, because of its extreme durability making it stand against wear, stains and fading.

About Pergo: Pergo is a laminate flooring brand with prominent positions in North American and European markets and as well as in India with growing market. The company develops, manufactures and markets flooring of high quality with distinctive designs and unique properties for both homes and commercial areas. Since the time when the company invented laminate floors in 1977 and created a new type of flooring material, Pergo has become one of the world’s best known and trusted flooring brands. Launched in India in 1999, Pergo entered the Indian market in the Laminate flooring category. Since then, we have successfully completed over 18 years in India, creating a huge base of satisfied customers. Pergo’s inventions are protected throughout the world by nearly 500 granted patents and pending patents.

Noiseless Bathtub Filling at The Push of a Button by Viega

Nov 29, 2017

Enjoy automatic bath filling with the Viega Multiplex Trio E that controls the temperature and water level, allowing you to take a bath under the perfect setting. This complex, yet easy to use automatic controller fills your bathtub with the push of a button. Viega has expanded its successful product family of electronically regulated bathtub fittings. The two versions of the Muliplex Trio E combine intuitive operating comfort with excellent design making them suitable for hotels and high-end residences. Users have the option to individually set the temperature and filling level for the bathtub. The Trio E controller also has a memory function that stores and recalls the setting allowing you to experience the perfect bath on a daily basis.

Two operating elements: The user can choose his preferred settings in an intuitive and self-explanatory way using both operating elements. The desired temperatures, as well as command “water stream”, are selected on the Multiplex Trio E2. The second element controls the water volume as well as switching to the hand shower. An illuminated light indicates current values by colour intensity. If the user has saved the preferred settings, the electronically controlled bathtub fitting controls the water level and the temperature. When the desired water level has been reached, the flow stops automatically. There is no need to watch the bathtub when filling.

The Multiplex Trio E3 version goes one step further in technical development – one of the operating elements is fitted with a display. This shows the current temperature and, at a touch, the user menu displays all other functions for filling the bathtub. The subtle design language clearly focuses on the style.

Both bathtub fittings offer protection against scalding and are equipped with a temperature shut-off. Users who wish to have the water warmer with a temperature more than 38 °C must consciously continue to turn the operating element clockwise. In this case, one revolution only increases the temperature by two degrees.

IOTA Introducing European Brand “Mois” In India

Nov 28, 2017

IOTA Boutique Furniture, India’s most trusted brand of imported furniture has introduced European furniture label “Mois” in India.

Each piece is designed using the advanced technology facilitating innovation and precision and turning a piece of wood into a piece of art. Designed to meet the current trends and need, the brand offers the products crafted from 1st grade MDF and solid wood materials. One can find the stunning range of wall units, coffee tables, dining room furniture and much more.

IOTA Boutique Furniture: 1/45 WHS Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015, Phone+91- 9958492212

Grohe launches Smart Control: The Future of Bathrooms

Nov 28, 2017

Grohe brings to India, a revolutionary technology for an unparalleled bathroom experience. Introducing the exquisite, elegant and extremely stylish Smart Control Shower. Grohe Smart Control Showers combine multiple breakthrough technologies in one shower system. It matches the intuitive interface of push button and volume control technology with the precise control of GROHE’s best-in-class thermostat along with industry-leading shower head.

Push Button & Volume Control: GROHE Smart Control showers have replaced the decades' old diverter system with an intuitive set of buttons that you press to turn on the shower and an integrated volume knob that you adjust for required water flow. You can control multiple shower patterns using these buttons.

GROHE Thermostat: GROHE thermostats are recognised as the best in the industry. An engineering marvel, GROHE thermostats adjust precisely to desired water temperature within 0.3 seconds – literally in the blink of an eye. Beyond that, GROHE thermostats constantly adjust the flow of hot and cold water so that the user never goes through a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ shock in the middle of a shower. It also has safety features built in including automatic water cut-off in case either of water sources unexpectedly stops, the GROHE cool touch that prevents metal parts from heating up as well as a temperature lock system to prevent accidental changes in temperature setting.

GROHE Shower Head: GROHE shower heads have recognised the world over for the high quality of craftsmanship that combines Space technology rubber materials that never clog up with a shower head design that covers the entire body profile for a shower experience that is difficult to beat. The GROHE Smart Control Showerhead has two different shower patterns – an invigorating rainshower to kickstart your day as well as a relaxing Bokoma Spa pattern to help you unwind after a tiring day.

A thickness of only 10mm, its super slim design makes the Grohe Smart Control concealed wall plate elegant and space saving. It’s the high-quality materials crafted with the care that makes it seem like the Smart Control is from the future with a look of today.

Gunnebo India launches Firephant Fire Extinguishers

Nov 28, 2017

Firephant is a new type of fire protection system which with its unique innovative form and user-friendliness breaks new ground on the market for fire extinguishers. Its shape and size have an aesthetic appeal and it can be placed just like any item of interior decoration in a highly visible location, thus ensuring its life-saving accessibility. Firephant was designed by the highly reputed industrial design duo of Lars Wettre and Jonas Forsman. It recently took the Red Dot Design Award, an international accolade for best of the best in product design 2012, receiving praise both for its form and for its simple but secure function. Good firefighting equipment greatly improves the chances of controlling a fire. Firephant dry powder extinguishers contain an effective powder with a very high extinguishing effect. They are produced in compliance with stringent quality requirements and are suitable for private use. An extinguisher with an extinguishing effect in Class 1A is capable of extinguishing a 2-metre length of fire. Firephant has the highest extinguishing effect in its class and fully complies with Indian Standard IS 15683. The easy-grip handle makes the extinguisher easy to use and gives it excellent precision. With its handy size (1kg and 2kg) and choice of colours in red or white, Firephant blends in perfectly in the modern home. Firephant is a world-exclusive and award-winning Swedish fire extinguisher.

Sediment Hues - a solo exhibit by Satish Sharma.

Nov 27, 2017

The abstract expressionism flourishing through Satish Sharma’s work brings to mind the artist’s Godlike being. The canvas is the world he paints the abstraction accumulated inside the mind: the complex arrangement of thoughts, experiences, and sense perceptions. As Anne Sexton famously says, “I am God”.  Satish Sharma’s art show was held at Triveni Kala Sangam, Tansen Marg, Todermal Road Area, Mandi House, New Delhi.

Amidst this flux of abstraction in his art, there is a methodical approach which brings structure to his art. The works may be categorized into two sections: one consisting of large canvases that use flat colour and texture juxtaposed on the same picture plane, while the other consist of sets of small works that are intensely packed with texture and thick impasto paint. Impasto is a painting term that refers to the use of thickly textured, undiluted, paint that appears almost three-dimensional on the canvas.  

He, instead, lets the artistic poetry take hold of him like some form of divine possession and what happens is a repertoire of visual poetry: complex yet luring us into looking for meanings we would want to create our own sensual understanding (as Pablo Neruda talks about how poetic inspiration “happens” to him rather than him deliberately producing poems).

Sharma’s artwork is the kind that meddles with restrictions and breaks them through the undoing of a definite formalism in art. A revolution of sorts with the rejection of form; what fascinates the spectators is the unpredictability employed at these canvases. While reading and trying to decode the artwork, the spectator's’ mind is the ultimate “tabula rasa” as they get to draw their own reader-response understanding. Such fluidity in his art which evokes awe as well as presents the meticulous brilliance of order abstraction!

Satish Sharma teaches art in Triveni Kala Sangam after a career in advertising spanning 20 years. His art has been exhibited in various places and has earned him fame and accolades for his work in the art world. 

Wisma Atria Interiors by Nomita Kohli unveils “Bahia curved sofa” from its Italian brand Dolcefarniente

Nov 27, 2017

Wisma Atria Interiors is one of India's leading furniture store headed by interior designer Nomita Kohli to offer high-end designing solutions for contemporary living space. The luxurious furniture store situated at Lado Sarai in New Delhi has an indulgence with various international brands to offer bespoke furniture where Nomita Kohli herself specializes her knowledge and expertise in connecting your personal style to match your personal space. Keeping pace with the emerging trend of the décor Industry, Wisma Atria Interiors by Nomita Kohli unveils “Bahia curved sofa” from its Italian brand Dolcefarniente to add life to your open spaces or outdoor area.


The “Bahia curved sofa” from Italian brand Dolcefarniente available at Wisma Atria Interiors is an outdoor Sofa that holds an exclusive USP where the sofa can be well extended to a day bed or can be either used as a Sofa along with two ottomans, as per need. This curved sofa is made with the amalgamation of fabric and resin to make a strong style statement within your garden or terrace space. The rounded shape Bahia sofa is characterized allowing versatile use. Also, the ottomans can be, if necessary, replaced by tables with glass top for different occasions of use. This Bahia sofa is aluminium structure covered in hand-woven synthetic resin. The Back and the seat of this sofa are upholstered in completely removable fabric covers.

Available at: Wisma Atria Interiors by Nomita Kohli, F-208, Lado Sarai, Old MB Road, New Delhi 110030, India


Beyond Designs Launches Its New Collection of Bar Units

Nov 27, 2017

To cheer up your spirits during this season Beyond Designs launches it’s New Collection of luxury Bar Units. The touch-friendly drawers with special scratch resistant inner layering leather finish with Tip – Matic functions make the bar user-friendly giving the unit an elegant look. The bar can hold stem glasses used for wine, champagne, cocktails on the left side while the beer glasses, long drink glasses on the right side.  A special low height drawer is provided for scotch glasses or shot glasses.

Now entertaining is easier than ever with innovative design & stylish Bar Units that prompts compliments at any home. The collection is unusual with its commitment to both the eye and the hand of great design.

About The Brand

For 17 years, Beyond Designs has captured the residential designs narrative of creating highly individual & exquisitely finished projects, concentrating on residences, many of them for well-known personalities. Specializing in luxury interior design & decoration in New Delhi and across the world, renowned designers & entrepreneurs Sachin & Neha's iconic, neutral style has featured in high acclaimed journals. Their design philosophy is to keep it stylish yet effortless. Get inspired by the old world charm to create a fusion, contemporary & timeless design.

Address of the Stores