Somany Ceramics Opens Two New Showrooms

May 12, 2017

Somany Ceramics Ltd has inaugurated two new stores at Dwarka and Gurgaon in New Delhi. The showroom at Gurgaon is 2500 sq ft while the Dwarka showroom is 3500 sq ft. Somany Ceramics Limited at present has more than 12,000 touch points over India with 1,800 merchants. By the end of the financial year of 2017-18, Somany plans to open 200 more stores under their franchisee and experience centres. The organization's turnover was Rs. 1,910 crore a year ago and is expected to grow multi fold with its expansion plans in the following three to four years.

Sydney’s Opera House To Go Under A Major Renewal

May 11, 2017

 Work will soon start on the main real establishment extend at the Sydney Opera House that is the overhaul of the Joan Sutherland Theater (JST). The JST update is the primary venture in a bigger, $202-million program of renewal works financed by the NSW government. A key target of the Joan Sutherland Theater - planned by Scott Carver Architects - is the substitution of maturing theatre apparatus. Extra works will be completed to enhance the usefulness, availability, security and acoustics at the widely acclaimed scene. The space will get a new theatre flying system and an improved gird deck too.  

Gold Edison Award Won By Whipsaw For Its Industrial Design For Google

May 11, 2017

Whipsaw’s Industrial Design for Google won the prestigious Gold Edison award. The Edison award recognises the most innovative new product designs in the world. The Google OnHub was designed by Whipsaw. Google OnHub is another sort of private router that associates all your remote gadgets to the Internet and to each other. The superior innovation stands out coupled with its classy appearance. A hollow shape house a variety of 13 receiving wires organised around, which gives perfect remote execution with wireless signal technology.

Acuity Releases Led System That Adjusts Daylight From Skylight

May 11, 2017

The LightFlex LED system by Acuity can reduce lighting products footprints in the ceiling. The system offers a louvre that acts as a horizontally adjustable blind offering more freedom in the design. It reduces the daylight with the help of skylights to offer an audio-visual mode. It uses the same system to suit the requirement of the dark sky. The diffusers and photometric distribution system offer an easy transition between the daylight and electric sources of light. 

Falmec Introduces Bellaria Air Purifier

May 10, 2017

The Bellaria by Falmec is an air purifying device that also has a dimmable LED light. The shape and design of this purifier along with its dual functionality make it an interesting smart choice for home decor. The harmful air released from air-conditioning and other home devices are cause for most of the indoor pollution. The light changes colour from yellow to green to indicate that the air is clean. The Murano glass structure is made in line with the Venetian glass masters tradition.

Indeed Has Created A Combined Remote Vion

May 10, 2017

The music, video and TV remotes are now combined in one device of the VION by INDEED Innovation GmbH. These entertainment devices can now be run by a single remote that offers customers a 360 degree experience of the product. This product is innovative and simple to use, its modern output and GUI intelligent engineering makes it one of a kind.

Cimcon Lighting Releases An Emergency App Called Blue Light

May 10, 2017

The Blue Light Emergency App by CIMCON is made to provide assistance in emergency situations. When a faculty, staff or student uses the app adjacent road lights furnished with CIMCON's savvy road light controls will brighten up to full light if darkened and after that blink rapidly.  A sound alarm and GPS course data of the student will likewise show up on the campus security mobile phones.  When the ground’s security staff recognise receipt, a notice is sent back to the student telling them that help is en route.

Offline Sofa Store Launched By Urban Ladder

May 09, 2017

Urban Ladder, a home furnishing solutions company has launched yet another sofa store. It is located in the HSR Layout area of Bangalore and is 600 sq ft in area. The store exclusively displays sofas of the highest selling sets from the Urban Ladder website. The lounge offers mix and match variations in styles, colours, textures and fabric quality for customers to consider while being provided an inclusive experience of the products on display. 

Cortana Connected Smart Speaker Design Unveiled By Harman Kardon

May 09, 2017

Harman Kardon reveals its newest smart speaker product design that can be connected to Cortana. The device is semi touch activated and has a mesh grill. The speaker provides a 360 degrees sound output. Voice calling is supported by this device, unlike Google Home and Amazon Echo integrations. The pricing wasn’t revealed and the product is expected to release before the end of this year. There is an increasing demand for these voice activated products in the American market. Harman’s new product is set to hit the premium market as a luxury product.  

Howeler+ Yoon Architects Unveil Design For The Circus Conservatory

May 09, 2017

Portland is soon to get a school that provides accredited degree in Circus Arts. The Circus Conservatory is designed by Howeler+Yoon Architects to foster a unique model of education which engages with the community, landscape, and neighbourhood. It will consist of large acrobatic training halls with transparent ends in the circular plan with a view of the Fore river and the courtyard. The circular shape is synonymous to the arena of a circus performer and is designed to be kept in an interactive loop for the students juggling between training, study groups and private practice. It will also consist of an outdoor theatre.