Tile Market In The Uae To Grow Exponentially In Sight Of Rising Infrastructure Projects

May 26, 2017

The Dubai 2020 expo is driving construction activities in the UAE. This opens up the regional market for investments and new opportunities in the Gulf Cooperation Council. In the UAE, demand for tiles is predicted to grow by 12 per cent. This is due to the ongoing hotel and tourism projects, which currently amount to a pipeline valuation at $8.1 billion to 2020. Currently, due to the continued construction boom ahead of Expo 2020, the demand for ceramic tiles is already increasing at a steady rate.

Home Buyers Should Expect A Rise In Overall Costs Considering The New Gst.

May 25, 2017

The Goods and Services tax (GST) has brought the real estate sector under its ambit by levying a tax on work contracts at 12 per cent. Stamp duty, however, doesn’t have to be paid. The current law levies an under-construction charge at 4.5 per cent and VAT of around 4 per cent. In no state does the total tax go above 9.5 per cent.
Under the current law, a home buyer would have to pay 8-9 lakhs if the house costs 1 crore. Under the new scheme, a home buyer will have to shell out anything between 12-15 lakhs in tax.

Dubai Goes A Step Ahead To Provide An Inclusive Experience For Home Buyers

May 25, 2017

Dubai Properties is going to collaborate with Realopedia, the property commercial centre, and Souq.com. This three-way alliance is set to boost the interest in the property market while providing a holistic experience to its current and new clientele.
The increased visibility and easy online access offered to current properties ready to sell or lease will generate a renewed interest in the market.

Passive House Concept To Get A Boost In Australia With New Partnership With The Green Building Council Of Australia

May 25, 2017

Green Building Council of Australia and Passive House Institute enter into a collaboration to promotive the development of buildings that consume low energy. These buildings consume 80 per cent lesser energy that usual buildings. The council will certify buildings with a green star that adopt this structure with an aim to promote energy efficient infrastructure in Australia. Passive houses are used largely as private residences.Currently, there are more than 80,000 passive house structures the world over, from the frosty atmospheres of Canada to the searing warmth of Dubai.

Oyo Launches Townhouse In Banglore

May 24, 2017

Townhouse in Banglore are mid market properties launched by
OYO in Banglore. This property aims to connect home, bistros and shopping spaces. This estate is leased out by OYO who will further refurbish to according to their needs. The Average pricing for the guests would be at RS 2,500 and above. OYO has also entered into an association with Karnataka Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) to operate a couple of the Jungle Lodge Resort (JLR) properties.

Piramal Enterprises Ltd To Enter The Real Estate Segment With Affordable Homes

May 24, 2017

Piramal, a multi -national company in the pharmaceuticals sector is going to enter the real estate market. The Union government schemes to promote affordable housing is the motivating factor as said by the chairman of the group, Ajay Piramal. Piramal isn't the only one in recognising the open door with the administration offering a huge number of motivations to accomplish its objective of housing for all. The home loan subsidies, state incentives for developers of affordable housing and tax benefits are some of the other benefits drawing more investors to the affordable housing segment

Homelane Introduces 3d Virtual Platform Spacecraft

May 24, 2017

HomeLane a startup established in 2014 is based out of four cities across India. Providing services in Chennai, Banglore, Hyderabad and Mumbai this company has raised around 100 crore so far in investments. The software empowers continuous 3D rendering of a space and empowers clients and architects to talk about outline their thoughts on the design. The items listed have an incorporated price evaluating model that helps clients know the cost ramifications of each design.

Zaha Hadid Unveils Plan For Construction In Slovakia

May 23, 2017

Zaha Hadid architects have made public its plans for the redevelopment of an industrial area of Slovakia, called Bratislava. The proposed project called ‘Sky Park’ is set to utilise the 20,000 sq mts plot to construct over 700 condos in residential towers. The space will also boast of a public park, industrial and retail spaces. A new system of transport will make the destination more accessible too. A historical heating plant will be in the heart of this new development, retaining its cultural significance dating back to 1941. the plan seeks to grow with the community making available playgrounds, picnic sites, sports grounds and even dog parks. 

Index Design Series, Dubai Promises Futuristic Designs For The Middle Eastern Region

May 23, 2017

Index Design Series, the MENA region’s top interiors expo, and the Middle East Stone located in the same exhibition space opened its entryways on Monday 22nd May. In its 27th edition, it attracts more than 30,000 people and more than 1,100 exhibitors. The Middle Eastern region has been booming in terms of infrastructure and retail development. The fair promises to be a one-stop destination to provide designers with the best in the industry to drive infrastructure in the region by making available world-class materials and products. 

Source Award Presented To Karpinski Engineering For Erie County House

May 23, 2017

Source Awards in its 40th edition name Karpinski Engineering for its lighting of the Watson-Curtze Mansion and Carriage House based out of Erie County Historical Society. The Cleveland-based organisation was awarded the same amid Lightfair International 2017, an engineering and business lighting public expo held in Philadelphia. The designer chose moderate LED luminaires and recessed LED lighting for the venture. The special recognition was of its design that was energy efficient.