Be A Smart Chef Even On The Go

Feb 13, 2018

Kent once again welcomes you to the world of smart chef appliance and this time with KENT’s revolutionary “personal rice cooker”. Preparing fresh, hygienic and nutritious homemade meals can’t get easier whether you want to enjoy one in the comfort of your own home or on the go.

The ideal automatic solution for bachelors, office goers and travellers KENT personal rice cooker allows one to prepare perfectly cooked and “HOT”meals within minutes and one touch button. This innovative and smart device makes it effortless to make rice and biryani while maintaining freshness, flavour and nutrient value in every bowl of rice. The compact and portable design of the appliance not only makes its must have for all kitchens but it is also an ideal option for an avid traveller, students and bachelors as it keeps them close to home food! Additionally the design also makes it is easy to handle, store and clean. Besides due to its modern appearance it can be used even on dining table.

Adding to its compact quality is that it facilitates oil free cooking which boosts its competency. With the non-stick surface, you can make biryani without using oil, thus you serve with satisfaction by ensuring health for you and your family. Another defining characteristic of KENT Personal Rice Cooker is the advanced induction heating. With this function you get the benefit of indulging in evenly cooked rice every time.

Rosy Red Decor for Valentine's Day at Vaishnavipratima

Feb 13, 2018

If your shopping for valentine's day, then here is a new range of home decor products to accessorize your home. This Valentine's day express your love with red candles, off beat flower vase, mirrors, bar units, photo frames and a lot of romantic decor at Vaishnavipratima.
The interior store at Sun Mill compound, Lower Parel, gives you a reason to accessorize your home with it's vibrant handcrafted pieces.

About Vaishnavipratima:

Vaishnavipratima is an interior studio based in Mumbai specialising in interior designing and makeover, furniture, and arts and artefacts. The studio and store, name after its founder, is a place for exclusive customized furniture made for Indian homes. Our products are uniquely personalized, stylish and yet functional. We also offer consulting services of complete interior designing and interior makeovers. All our products and services are built on the basic idea of merging creativity, warmth, and functionality.


Prestige Estates Projects Limited and HDFC launch Affordable Housing

Feb 12, 2018

Prestige Estates Projects Limited (PEPL), one of India’s leading Real Estate developers is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with HDFC Capital Advisors Limited for furthering its business in the Mid-Income /Affordable Housing sector. This dedicated real estate platform shall have a capital to the tune of Rupees 2,500 crores, which shall be a blend of equity and debt. The primary focus will be on expanding Prestige’s residential business by identifying strategic land parcels with the potential of developing large-scale residential projects in the mid- income segment.

Expressing her delight on the partnership, Mrs. Renu Karnad, Managing Director, HDFC Ltd said “Affordable Housing has become the new mantra in the country and also a growth driver for the real estate sector. Our association with Prestige Group is to develop affordable homes and cater the largely unmet demand in mid income segment. Prestige Group which is built strongly on the fundamentals of trust, value and esteem and has set the benchmark for its quality and timeliness with its numerous outstanding residential projects, concurs with our ideas and vision. We are glad to associate with such a like- minded organisation.”

Commenting on the strategic alliance, Mr. Irfan Razack, Chairman and Managing Director of Prestige Group said “With this partnership, we are poised to grow manifold, and it will help us continue to build on the legacy of trust and efficacy that we are known for. This is a very pivotal venture, and both me, and Mr. Venkat K Narayana, our CEO, who was instrumental in setting up this platform; believe firmly that it will create value, especially, given the brand names of both Prestige and HDFC. Our endeavour is to scale up our residential platform, especially in the Affordable Housing sector that’s picked up huge demand and is currently vacuumed of supply and we are positive that this platform will facilitate long-term, sustainable value creation.”

Mahatta Art launched the collection of Cubism Art Paintings

Feb 12, 2018

Cubism art is one of the most trendy contemporary art that people love to infuse into their homes. Being the first abstract style of modern art, cubism paintings are widely considered as an innovative and intellectually stimulating art that completely changes the overall décor of your home with its narrative stories. Keeping this in mind, Mahatta Online Art Gallery, India’s one of the renowned and largest brand which is having a century of experience in Image licensing has launched its latest cubism art paintings to reconcile modernity with classicism by diminishing the difference between a painting and a reality with its narrative stories of 20th century.


The collection comprises of the beautiful paintings in the volute curl geometric designs of cubism art that will surely a more realistic way of seeing an art by creating an image that evoked a sense of the subject. These paintings are perfect to create the dramatic look in your homes because of the use of bright colors from the different palette. The  Abstract planes of bright color suggest of one of its paintings Islamic architecture, perhaps memories from Klees transformative Tunisian trip of 1914. Each painting of this collection is made on oil on canvas that narrates a story of the 20th century from the western art. These digital quality aesthetic reproductions of paintings have been made with the advanced technology that has sharper images to add grace to any wall of a home or office.

According to Dushyant Mehta, Director of Mahatta Art-  “Cubism art is one of the best expressive art that show you many views of a subject at one time and this is what one can see in our recent collection of Cubism art paintings. Each painting of this collection narrates a story with its uniqueness and beauty. These masterpieces are the perfect addition to your homes and can be cherished for many years to come by an art lover, enthusiast, interior decorator, or an art collector”.

Honeywell introduces indoor navigation to connected building occupant app

Feb 12, 2018

Honeywell (NYSE: HON)a global leader in Connected Buildings, today announced it has added new capabilities to the Honeywell Vector Occupant App that give occupants more control over their experiences within a building with the swipe of a screen. The most significant new feature is indoor navigation, which uses GPS-like technology to help users find their way around complex buildings that are difficult to navigate without directions.

The benefits of the indoor navigation feature have been demonstrated in the Minneapolis Skyway System, a complex interlinked network of enclosed pedestrian walkways spanning 80 city blocks. The walkways protect Minnesotans from the harsh winter elements and summer humidity, allowing them to comfortably walk between more than 30 buildings in downtown Minneapolis. “For anyone who’s not a local, and for even some who are, finding your way around the skyway system can be a big challenge,” said Steve Cramer, president and CEO, Minneapolis Downtown Council. “With our initial use of the Honeywell Vector Occupant App, we’ve seen an immediate impact. The interactive map makes it really easy and intuitive to know exactly where you’re going, and how to get there.”

In addition to the indoor navigation feature, the app also now includes a location-based feature to rate spaces, allowing those within a building to highlight comfort issues to building staff for quick resolution. Both features combine the convenience of today’s mobile devices with Internet of Things (IoT) building connectivity to help improve a user’s experience inside a building.

“Much of a building’s success hinges on how happy and satisfied its occupants are. They’re the lifeblood of an organization, and their experience within a building is what keeps them coming back,” said Aseem Joshi, Country General Manager, Honeywell Building Solutions, India. “The Honeywell Vector Occupant App has given users more power to shape their building experiences from their smartphones. Now, we’re adding even more features to deepen the connections between occupants and the spaces around them so they can be as comfortable as possible, and can more easily and efficiently move about a building.”

Nikon Announces “Through Her Lens”: A Women Photography Contest and Campaign

Feb 12, 2018

Nikon India, 100% subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, leaders in imaging technology announced the “Through Her Lens” contest & campaign for all the passionate women photographers. The contest is based on four themes, Powerful, Fearless, Innocence and Ambition, where each theme is an embodiment of every woman’s strength and individualism.

Guiding the enthusiasts is a team of renowned female mentors who have made a mark in the field of photography, with each of them being the perfect ambassador for their theme: 

The campaign comprises of photo-seminars and photo-contests, a platform that will not only showcase some of the finest works from women but will also convey stories of changing dynamics of the world and diverse perspectives, with distinct photographs captured by shutterbugs. One workshop each is planned in Bengaluru mentored by Ms. Rathika Ramasamy, Mumbai mentored by Ms. Ankita Asthana, Kolkata mentored by Ms. Richa Maheshwari and Delhi mentored by Ms. Saumya Khandelwal respectively. At the event, the mentors will be highlighting Project conceptualization, Field preparation and ground work, Post processing and commercial aspects of photography.

To commemorate the campaign, Kazuo Ninomiya, Managing Director, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Nikon’s campaign on ‘Through Her Lens’ is an exceptional platform for all the women photographers. Photography has garnered increased interest among women both as an art as well as a professional skill. We have seen how women photographers are bringing about a transformative change to the imaging landscape here and making a mark in the industry. We see this contest as a platform to further enhance the community’s interest and share exceptional pieces of artwork to continue inspiring the rest of the world.”

Sajjan Kumar, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales and Strategy, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. said “As we continue to receive an encouraging response for this campaign, we decided to take a step ahead and showcase the brilliant artwork by women photographers. The mentors for this campaign are a mix of the successful and self-made photography leaders who have carved a name for themselves through their talent. By showcasing their talent, commitment and passion, they have established themselves as professionals who photographers look up to. This campaign will serve as the right platform for these committed photographers to share their knowledge and experience with those who are keen to learn.”

To participate, the contestants must submit a photo before Tuesday, 20th February 2018. The winner of the contest will get a Nikon D5600 to pursue their passion for shooting. Click here to participate in the contest and to get furthermore information.

Nilaya's New collection by Sabyasachi

Feb 09, 2018

For a décor practice that has been around for centuries in the western world, residential
wallcoverings have certainly taken their time to find their way here. And we have Asian Paints, the foremost paint manufacturer in Asia to thank for it. It has been four years now that Asian Paints has been officially bringing to India the finest wallcoverings and various other surfaces, such as decals and paintables through their robust label: Nilaya.

As an expert on Indian conditions, not just physically but temperamentally, Asian Paints has felt the decor waters change – India is ready for wallcoverings. With a young new demographic on the rise, well travelled and exposed to various cultures, with sophisticated tastes and eager to express themselves without conservative inhibitions, India looks willing to experiment with the vast décor possibilities wallcoverings allow.

Now any pattern, any motif, almost any texture worth its décor salt finds its way onto
wallcoverings. So it’s décor paradise for the designer. The only real worry is climate related. Will wallcoverings stick in our muggy climes? Also, how long do they last? Paint seems so much the safer option. And, probably, cheaper. Well, with Asian Paints at the helm, you can be sure of a robust product. A company famed for its instinct for what works and what doesn’t, would put its money where its mouth is.

Created with Indian conditions in mind, a Nilaya wallcovering can last anything up to 5 years. The product is supported by Asian Paints ancillary products like climate proof, water based adhesives and a special sealer. Trained installers are available across the country, in addition to Asian Paints Home Solutions – Asian Paints’ own painting service. Basically, as a brand, Nilaya is sorted.

At the heart of Nilaya is a sturdy triad of concepts: create, curate and collaborate. The idea is to bring the Indian decorator, whether residential or commercial, on an absolutely equal footing with her or his counterpart in the West. If it’s there, it’s here. No decorator should be left behind. So there are offerings across price points, across patterns, across tastes, across segments. Design possibilities should be almost endless and current. When you think about it just for a minute, it works. Through smart, handpicked curations, through mouthwatering collaborations with India’s and the world’s most exciting designers and through in house creations, Nilaya wraps you up in visual spectacles that leave you beyond spoilt for choice.

India Seen Through a New Wave of Indian Graphic Artists at Kulture Shop, Kala Ghoda

Feb 09, 2018

The 'Indianama 2017' project recently exhibited at the London Design Festival and in New York is coming to Kulture Shop in Kala Ghoda on the 10th to 18th of February. Fifty-eight one-off edition giclee prints on archival paper will be on view and available for sale. 

Delhi-based studio Animal asked 70 cutting-edge Indian artists from around the world to share what India means to them through visuals in the form of Travel and Tourism posters. As a result the collection provides a window into the country and its graphical representations in the 21st century. 

Indianama, the brainchild of Delhi-based studio Animal, is a visual communication entity and platform to showcase and create dialogue on Indian contemporary design. It facilitates collaboration, curation and creation - with the purpose of expressing stories and moods around India through a common theme.  

Kunel Gaur is the founder and Creative Director at Animal. He is also an artist on the Kulture Shop artist platform. Kunel and his partner at Animal Sharon Borgoyary talk about Indianama in an interview with Kulture Shop here.  

Now at:

Kala Ghoda (Store)
115 Nagindas Master Road, Behind Trishna Restaurant
+91 (0)22 2267 7006

KAFF introduces a new range of air purifiers

Feb 09, 2018

KAFF, a premium kitchen and home appliances brand has launched a range of air purifiers, in the blend with latest technology and features to suit Indian conditions.

Air purifiers have become round the year necessity, considering the alarming rise in air pollution, leading to harmful diseases. The KAFF offers a wide range of AIR PURIFIERS with price ranging from INR 4,990 to INR 32,990 with features suitable for varied room sizes and climate conditions in India.

KAFF air purifiers with latest ‘HEPA and 360o air purification technology ensures more than 90% removal of large particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles, mold, and spores etc. Addition to this the devices are energy efficient, as they sense the need to switch to sleep mode, when necessary. The child lock feature ensures safety for children at home. Their wide ranges of Air Purifiers are suitable for areas from 270 to 810 sqft. The net weight of air purifiers range from 4.8 kg to 10 kg. CADR (Clean air delivery rate) range from 180 m3/h to 350 m3/h.

Deepak Anand, Managing Director, KAFF Appliances said, ‘With the rise in the level of pollution in our environment these days, it has become our prime motive to ensure that people breathe clean air wherever they are, be it in their car or at their home. We have launched KAFF air purifiers to suit various needs and segments of society. Our endeavor is to move on the path of constant innovation and improvisation in our product to enhance the quality of life of our customers.

Siddha Seabrook, a prime property in Kandivali, Mumbai

Feb 09, 2018

Situated in a prime location in Kandivali, Siddha Seabrook brings you the indulgence of a tower life in suburban Mumbai- the tallest residential tower, the neighborhood has ever experienced. With an edifice of 54 storeys, Siddha Seabrook boasts spacious 1.5, 2 & 3 BHK homes. Seabrook is graced with Sky Garden on every 5th Floor, which allows you to live amidst greenery and enjoy the magnificent view of the Mumbai skyline. A melody is created only when all the musical elements align in complete harmony. This melody is what we crave. All Seabrook apartments are completely Vaastu compliant so you stay balanced and centred. Situated in close proximity to schools, banks, hospitals, and supermarkets, Siddha Seabrook is well connected by excellent roads to all prime locations of Kandivali and adjacent suburbs.