High Sand Prices Stall Real Estate Projects In Tamil Nadu

Jun 16, 2017

The rising sand prices are posing a problem for real estate projects in Tamil Nadu.The unavailability of manufactured sand is another problem adding to this. While some builders are willing to shell out more for river sand, the others are awaiting government intervention. The unavailability of sand has stopped work for governmental as well as private project constructions. The river sand price has gone up almost 98%.Projects covering 10 million sq ft have been stalled so far. 

Nest May Soon Support Homekit

Jun 16, 2017

Nest has been a longtime holdout in support for Apple's voice platform. While some suggest that it was Nest’affiliation with Alphabet as the cause while another major obstacle was hardware authentication. With Apple’s newly launched iOS 11, these hardware issues may cease to exist with a possibility of Nest connecting to Homekit for Apple. Nest is a smart home product by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Homekit allows users to communicate with and control connected accessories in their home using a mobile application. The HomeKit framework allows users a way to configure accessories and create actions to control them.

Retrofit Led Launched By Ntl Lemnis

Jun 16, 2017

NTL Lemnis launched the Pharox Aura Retrofit LED Bulb for commercial applications.Pharox Aura Retrofit LED lamps can be replaced in the existing bulb holders without any hassle. The mechanical design provides efficient thermal management thus enhancing the long life of a product. The plastic enclosure is flame-resistant.The bulbs are only available in 40W and 50W. NTL has other products like high-end electronic ballasts especially suited to the Indian lighting conditions. NTL has been also converted compact fluorescent lamps to high power factor lamps to redesigning them to make them more cost efficient.

Herman Miller Introduces Smartconnected Live Operating System

Jun 15, 2017

Herman Miller introduces the new LiveOperating System which is a cloud-based platform suited for the office space. When attached to the work desk, The Operating System can record the number of times the employees sit and stand and store this information on the cloud-based platform. This data can be viewed on a dashboard in a simpler form. These sensors on the brand’s furniture can make it instruct the sit-stand desk to raise or lower at certain intervals throughout the workday. The goal of this technology is the need for the workplace to adapt to the employee's needs and access data of the employee's health based on the work habits. 

Wi-fi Certified Home Design Brought By Wi-fi Alliance

Jun 15, 2017


Wi-Fi Alliance has worked diligently to make Wi-Fi one of the world’s most valued and widely used technologies. Its organisation is made up of a network of companies that are Wi-Fi providers.With Wi-Fi being the main technology adopted to use smart home products, Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced a certificate program to ensure Wi-Fi integrated home designs.The new program puts emphasis on the technology to make it a system as essential as wiring and plumbing. This set up provides for integrated home automation and connectivity to smart home devices. By being installed in the blueprint itself, the builder has to take into consideration the building materials and other factors that would affect the Wi-Fi integrated systems. 

The International Property Awards Announces Winners

Jun 15, 2017

The International Property Awards reveals winners in the architecture, interior design, development, real estate, devolvement and regional. The shortlist for the international hotels is just out with winners to be announced by the end of the month. The awards are split regionally covering USA, UK, Europe, South America, Caribbeanm Canada, Africa, UAE and Asia Pacific. It is one of the most prestigious awards, judged by an international panel. 

Samsung And Lg Smart Products Will Soon Be Interlinked

Jun 14, 2017

The Korean Herald reported that Samsung and LG smart home products are soon to become compatible and interlinked. Both the Korean brands are working on developing products with the Open Connectivity Foundation certificate. This certificate is a standard industry specification for different brands that aim to make connected devices. The refrigerators and air conditioners by Samsung have already received the necessary certification. They are also working on acquiring the certification for products like their cooking ranges and washing machines among others. Brands like Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Electrolux already have products with this certificate.

Berger Paints India To Enter Home Decor Market

Jun 14, 2017

Berger Paints India is set to expand its operations into the construction and home decor markets. The company has also gone ahead to seek the shareholder’s approval to alter the Memorandum of Association.  They may enter the market in building materials as that is where their established market network of Berger Paints is the most relevant. It hasn’t been revealed if the company is set to tie up with existing manufacturers or if they are going to open their own manufacturing units.

Solar Glass To Enter Glazing Market

Jun 14, 2017

Windows that generate energy will soon be possible with solar glass entering the glazing market. The Solar glass will have solar cells within it that will harvest sunlight to generate energy to control lighting as well as internal insulation levels. The window units are a double glazed vacuum insulated within which there are semi-transparent perovskite solar cells. This technology was developed an engineering professor, Dr Anita Ho-Baillie of the University of New South Wales under a grant program by the Australian Research Council that provided $365,000 in funding. The cells are lightweight, flexible and cheap making it a desired material in the making of the solar glass.

Vegan Fabric Now A Reality

Jun 13, 2017

Ipseker Textile based in Turkey has produced the first vegan fabric in the world. The European Vegetarian Union granted it a ‘V-Label’ after going through rigorous testing in Germany and even Switzerland. This label is a very well recognised certificate. The company also claimed to have no animal ingredients in any of the 146 fabric types they produce. This fabric is currently being exported to 52 countries globally.