Essentia Environment showcases different trends to do up your Vanities

Feb 05, 2018

Vanity is the one place where one can unwind and spend some time with itself; it has to be infused with rejuvenating and positive vibes. It’s one escape zone that helps us in letting go of the dreariness of the daily life. As an essential part of our day to day schedule, it is mandatory that the ambience of the space is given thorough attention. Essentia Environments being a pioneer in creating distinguishable and alluring spaces has come up with a list of intriguing and arresting ideas to dress-up your vanity space.

Welcome drama in your vanity by adding a very noticeable work of art on your wall. Contrast the clean and neutral colour palette of your wet room with the colourful strokes of the artwork. Make the space bloom with the fragrance of fresh flowers and soothing scent of candles. All of us deserve some moments of peace and rejuvenation after a long working day. Pamper your soul by curating a range of body essentials that are as indulging as they are luxurious. Adorn your revitalizing space with some old-world craftsmanship. Make a statement by welcoming rustic decor pieces on the dressing shelf and flaunt your collection of beauty essentials in style. Give your body essentials a special treatment too. Secure your favourite soaps and bath linens in thoughtfully crafted storage designs and let your body know that you care. In order to create a clutterless space, push in a statement vase with some minimal bathing and beauty essentials. Keep your space muted yet bold with the use of a hushed colour scheme for the walls.

GRAFF presents its contemporary design, Qubic Collection

Feb 05, 2018

GRAFF, the worldwide manufacturer of innovative faucets and shower systems, introduces Qubic Collection. The collection includes a full offer of deck-mounted and wall mounted elements for the bathroom and the shower, including a shower column and several matched accessories. QUBIC is manufactured in emptied brass, with a minimum level of nickel and lead, and realized in compliance with all drinking water regulations - as established by the company policy - fully satisfying the most restrictive criteria required for the protection of health and the environment. The range – available in polished chrome, Steelnox® (satin nickel), black and white, - creates a cohesive bathroom suite. The whole collection can be viewed on

Sometimes simplicity is deceiving. Qubic could not reflect this concept any better. Polished and elegant, it represents an architectural element with a refined contemporary design. Square and cube-shaped, as already announced by its name, Qubic confers strength and stability to the sink and the bathroom as a whole. In the widespread 3-hole version - Qubic Tre- the collection is characterized by a different, thinner lever which runs as a distinctive point through the whole collection. Because of its characteristics and thanks to the top-quality finishes offered by GRAFF, Qubic has been chosen for several high-end projects such as the Capella Hotel in Washington D.C. and the 5-star Tannenhof Superior Hotel in Austria.

GRAFF President and CEO, Ziggy Kulig, comments:, “The patented Steelnox® finish is 100% fingerprint-resistant while the white (WT) and black (BK) finishes are obtained through a powder coating process, that makes products resistant to scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues. “ 

Vayu natural – air purifying bag for homes

Feb 05, 2018

Vayu  Natural - Air Purifying Bag' is the simplest and an efficient way to maintain a dry, fresh and odour free home. The Vayu Bag is a natural air purifier that relieves your home from airborne chemicals and supports the health of your family. It helps to reduce the harmful pollutants, bacteria, mould and mildew, allergens and unpleasant odours floating in your air. The convenience of deployment and elegance of linen makes this bag a must-have considering current indoor and outdoor pollution levels. Contains 100% activated charcoal which works as a 'Natural Air Purifier' and helps remove airborne chemicals, harmful pollutants, bacteria, odours of cigarette smoke, paints, cleaning chemicals & pet dander floating in your air. Smartly absorbs excess moisture from humid and stale areas to prevent the formation of moulds, bacteria & allergens Just simply place this 100% activated charcoal bag at the desired location for it to powerfully start cleaning the air in the background. Safe for kids & pets. Fragrance-Free. Chemical-Free. Non-Toxic. BPA-Free. Eco-Friendly.

Naturally Removes Odors –Vayu Bag adsorbs all the unwanted odours like cigarette smoke, paints and cleaning chemicals from your living spaces, offices, kitchens, basements, bedrooms etc. It is also an ideal solution for your car to reduce the amount of pollution and unpleasant odours.

Prevents Mould – It absorbs excess moisture from the damp areas like bathrooms, stores etc. therefore preventing the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria. Vayu Bag is a perfect companion for storing your valuable fabrics as the bag will attract the moisture and keep your garments dry.

Adsorbs Pollutants –The activated charcoal naturally adsorbs pollutants that could otherwise irritate the lungs, which makes this a valuable tool for every home especially with elderly, kids and members with respiratory issues.

Vayu Bag is an all-natural alternative to the air fresheners that mask the odours and are often filled with chemicals which can be carcinogenic. Each Vayu Bag can last up to a period of 1 year and can be recharged monthly by placing in the sunlight. Activated Carbon makes a perfect natural fertilizer to the plants on expiry. 

Idus launched contemporary dining table collection for your urban settings

Feb 02, 2018

IDUS a premium furniture store & showroom situated at Kirti Nagar, Delhi who is known for its unparalleled spectrum of furniture from the best furniture brands around the world has launched Contemporary Dining Table Collection that will not just add the extra style to the overall décor but also best for promoting productive conversations.


The designer range of Contemporary Dining Table collection by Idus supports stainless steel, glass and marble top, a copper metal base that will surely give any space a fresh new feel with their innovative blend of elegant and extraordinary designs. The collection also handcrafted in an aluminum base and rattan poles fastened together to create a modern vibe that adds depth to the contemporary narrative of your living room. With its modern contour and style, these dining tables are made available with variety in fabric designs, patterns and textures to lend a fantastic look to the overall décor. This contemporary dining table collection is perfect to execute elegance in an urban setting as it is made of wooden or metal structure to hold refined finishing touches and to adorn the living spaces with an extraordinary touch.

Godrej Properties adds three new projects across Bangalore and NCR

Feb 02, 2018

The Mumbai-based real estate developer will develop three projects across key micro-markets of Bangalore and Noida

Godrej Properties Ltd. (GPL) (BSE scrip id: GODREJPRP), one of India’s leading real estate developers, today announced the addition of three new projects, two in Bangalore and one in Noida.

GPL has entered into a joint venture with Sai Srushti Group to develop a 100 acres land parcel on NH-648 near Devanahalli Town in North Bangalore. NH-648 is a major highway connecting all primary markets of Bangalore from West to South. This shall be Godrej Properties’ first plotted development project and it plans to develop approximately 2 lakh square meters (2.15 million sq. ft.) in the project.

North Bangalore has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets of Bangalore with multiple infrastructures and real estate projects coming up in the area. The site is in close proximity to Bangalore International Airport and the planned Aerospace SEZ and IT & Hardware Park, Devanahalli.  It offers good connectivity to the key commercial and industrial catchment areas of the New Airport Road and Outer Ring Road. This will be GPL’s sixteenth project in Bangalore. 

Dipalee Daroz's solo exhibition - The Altered Perspective

Feb 02, 2018

Distinguished artistic creations of beautiful ceramic sculptures will be exhibited by artist Dipalee Daroz in her solo exhibition - "The Altered Perspective". In this exhibition, her sculptures have a panoptic view of incongruous elements are intended through the current body of works exhibited. A transition of context is implied through the use of inherent textures and properties of clay graduating into natural forms and objects, thus creating an optical depth between the natural and the real. Dipalee's sculptures represent her psyche of looking at the things which turn out to be more ambiguous and figurative in its own way. Viewers can easily give shape to her sculptures depending on their understanding and objectives through which they catch a glimpse of the displayed sculptures. Just as the countless clock of nature ticks a different beat at different times affecting the biological and psychological behaviour of the organisms, so does a material transforms into a new entity within the framework of different cyclical time and space.Dipalee has showcased multiple imagery surfaces from varying perspectives through her sculpture. At the crossroads of imagination, it enlarges upon the Indian worldview, which is both- panoramic and pluralistic.

DAG launch of India’s French Connection: Indian Artists in France

Feb 02, 2018

In honour of its 25th anniversary, DAG, India’s leading private art gallery, started celebrations with a vernissage of India’s French Connection: Indian Artists in France. The preview was inaugurated by H.E. Alexandre Ziegler(Ambassador of France in India)and Shri Amitabh Kant (CEO NitiAyog), at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre.


The powerlist of Delhi was in full attendance including Dr. Bertrand De Hartingh, Counsellor for Cooperation & Cultural Affairs, Country Director, Ms. Aruna Adiceam, Deputy Counsellor, Mediation & Creation, Bonjour India, Dr. Alka Pandey, Kiran Nadar; UPF-India chair Ambassador K. V. Rajan with his wife Gita, Shakti Burman, Vivek Sahni, Madhavi and Manu Parekh, Rajeev Sethi, Sunil Sethi, Vivek Burman, Harmeet Bajaj, Paresh Maity, Krishen Khanna, Bijon Paul, Anupama Dayal, Thenny Mejia, Cecile & Peter D’Ascoli, Gunjan Gupta, Amit Pasricha, Chetan Seth, Ashok Vajpayee to name a few.


Speaking on the occasion, Ashish Anand, CEO of DAG said, “India’s French Connection not only marks the beginning of DAG’s silver milestone but also brings together the works of India’s most distinctive, modern artists who have been influenced by French culture. The exhibition includes the works of 25 artists out of more than 100 who spent significant periods of time in France, which exposed them to some of the finest training in art, not  limited to painting, but also print-making, and sculpture.”

Home-made delicacies now at your finger tips with - Kent fryer and curry cooker

Feb 01, 2018

KENT rings the New Year bell with yet another innovative and smart kitchen appliance “KENT Fryer and Curry Cooker”.  Now make healthy homemade mouth watering items in the comfort of your own home and at ease. The biggest USP of this modern appliance is that it allows you to cook your favourite dishes with the same flavour of slow cooking, but with more convenience.


Prepare crispy and lip smacking items with this unique appliance such as French fries, aloo tikki, chicken nuggets, pakoras, Chicken lollypop, samosas etc.; also make curries like aloo matter, dal makhni and other delicacies that are usually cooked over slow or low flame, which we crave for!


The multipurpose appliance is perfect for hygienic and convenient cooking due to its non-stick white ceramic coating. Besides it makes the cleaning of the appliance hassle-free.

Ply Mahal launched Elegant Collection of Designer Door Panels

Feb 01, 2018

PLY MAHAL a Delhi based innovative designer and importer of Interior Products from the last 18 years has launched an exquisite Collection of “Designer Door Panels” to give your interiors a new stately dimension by adding perfect elegant finish and an extra charm.


This exquisite collection of Designer Door Panels by Ply Mahal, are deeply textured pliable panels which are used along the wooden frame of the door be it be sliding doors, push and pull doors of the main entrance gate, doors of bedrooms, kitchens, or even the bathrooms too. Available with the choice option of beautiful patterns and Punchline embellishments like Buttons, Rose, Moorish, Odyssey, Versace etc. these high-pressure decorative laminate Panels can wonderfully create an arresting focal point within all the doors of your living spaces. Offering the flexibility and character that you need in your contemporary home settings, these Designer Door Panels will serve you a rich and impressive variety of color options like copper, rose gold, bronze, gold, silver or even like metallic textures. With the product characteristics owing to size 2400*600 and thickness of 03 mm the luxury panels come with temperature stability up to 60 degree Celsius.

R R Décor Launches its New Collection - Azure

Feb 01, 2018

The name that has given a new definition to luxury fabric furnishings, RR Decor has launched its very new Azure collection. The collection is an expressive and textural amalgamation of contemporary fabrics with delicate floral patterns and bold geometric motifs united through a sophisticated neutral color palette. Exquisite digital prints have been tinted in shades of blue, lime and copper.


The soothing and skin friendly linen base of collection makes it suitable for a variety of uses from upholstery, drapes and blinds to cushions. The gorgeous colour palette will infuse oodles of freshness into your interiors. Welcome the season of summer and spring with RR Decor’s Azure collection and unwind in the comfort of tranquilizing range of furnishing fabrics.