December, 2016 Issue

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival(TO DO) has released its 2017 Festival Schedule, which includes over 100 events, installations and curated exhibitions. For one week, from January 16-22, 2017, TO DO showcases talent throughout the city featuring self-produced work from over 400 independent, local,...Read More

Festive updates

December, 2016 Issue

The carols are going to start chiming, festive decorations line the shopping centres and you know the nip in the air is just the ushering in of the last big festival of the year. The month of December comes with the hope of the new year but also it’s a reminder of the year gone by and truly a time...Read More

ABEC Exhibitions and Conferences Pvt. Ltd. launches 'ONESTOP'- a unique B2B event for the Hotel Industry of India

November, 2016 Issue

The Hotel Industry of India stands second only to China. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that presently India ranks 18th in Business Travel and is expected to be among the top 5 very soon. The Indian Government has approved 300 hotel projects, half of which are going to be in the Luxu...Read More

Beach Retreat

October, 2016 Issue

A white sand beach and thickset bushes make up the surroundings of the Benguerra Lodge, a luxury beach retreat on an unspoilt island in the Indian Ocean. Located on the Benguerra Island, the second largest island of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique, this place is re-designed by Michaelis Boyd ...Read More

Redefining Luxury

August, 2016 Issue

Designing a hotel in Downtown Brooklyn, New York, demanded a design that appealed to a broad range of travellers - from businessmen to techies, hipsters, celebrities and others who regard the place as a trendsetting destination. The design had to be cutting edge in its spirit and dramatic enough to ...Read More

Eclectic tastes

July, 2016 Issue

One characteristic that sets New York City apart from the rest of the metros around the world is its vibrant culture. While New Yorkers and people visiting the city enjoy this electrifying vibe, it is quite rare for them to replicate it within the confines of their homes. ...Read More

Rock Solid

June, 2016 Issue

Does the décor of the restaurant add to the experience of dining there? It definitely does! Designer Rolf Sachs proved this with his interior design for the restaurant Saltz. ...Read More

Fashioned to impress

March, 2016 Issue

A department store with a ´mobile amusement park´ theme sounds like a fun idea. It became an instant pick-me-up for design firm Nendo as it got down to designing the women´s fashion floor at the Seibu Shibuya department store in Japan. ...Read More

at the Altar of Change

February, 2016 Issue

Situated in the historic centre of Milan, at the intersection of Corso Italy and Piazza Sant'Eufemia, lies the rich, old Church of San Paolo Converso...Read More

Powerhouse performance

January, 2016 Issue

Energy efficiency and self-sufficiency are words being used loosely in various industries. The F&B industry isn't one of them. And that's what Zoltan Zelenyak and Alexandru Tohotan of Romanian design firm The 6th sense interiors set out to show....Read More