The Ultimate ‘End Of Year’ Design Review For 2016 Is Out!

Dec 26, 2016

For your benefit, has curated all the important milestones of the year gone by. So got an ‘End of Year Report’ to submit or simply want to glance over what an eventful year it has been? Then’s comprehensive design and architecture compilation is all you need…

End of Year - Interior Design & Architecture Events & News 2016

Starting with power packed festivals, nationally and globally, the year started to balance out with erudite discussions to address the design fraternity and the unforgettable demise of Late Architect Zaha Hadid. To shoot the energy levels back up, April saw one of the most elite design carnivals, Salone del Mobile, Milano, alongside one of the most quirky home fashion expo, The DG Décor Pop Up! Keeping these spirits high, released its first ever video ad of how a father plays one of the most significant roles in making his child’s house a home. Followed by a few international design ceremonies and exclusive collection releases in the home décor industry, India’s No. 1 interior’s magazine, CW Interiors merged with at the Construction World Architect & Builder (CWAB) Awards a.k.a the Oscars for the Design & Building industry in India. Keeping the glamour quotient of the industry alive, luxury fashion brands like Armani, Fendi and Missoni’s estates in the US went on sale, and a few more compendiums of art, design and discussion forums such as London Design Festival 2016 and Venice Design Week 2016 took place for the international audience. Inspired the brilliant concepts and progress the interior design community made over the year, launched its newest service, DG TV, featuring top professionals of the industry giving their expert solutions to daily home-related queries. Ending the year with the mighty release of Pantone Inc’s “Colour of the Year 2017” as “Greenery” has marked the onset of the upcoming year with our red and green Christmas decorations! What a merry year 2017 is going to be… 

End of Year - Interior Design & Architecture Events & News 2016

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