The LED running track in Manila is a new step in Urban design

Oct 30, 2017

The LED running track in Manila is the world’s first LED running track used in Urban Design. Created by NIKE in the shape of a shoe, it allows users to experience a personalised training experience unlike no other.


The unlimited running experience


The experimental running lab created by NIKE is the shape of a show works as a virtual LED unlimited lopping stadium. Created as a pop-up, it coincides with one of their newest running shoes. The running track that looks like an 8 loop in 200 metres and 100 ft long scaled lighting. Created in partnership with BBH Singapore, the LED Screen wraps around the track like a ribbon. The Unlimited Stadium crosses over in the middle, challenging the runners with its design concept.The raised platform is elevated to challenge the runner on a slope.


Virtual figure competing


Runners compete with a virtual figure of themselves on the screen. During the first run, a sensor is attached to the shoe which projects the previous lap’s data in an avatar of the runner on the screen. So the people are literally competing with themselves. As the runner outruns the avatar, the pace of the avatar increases. This makes the runner compete with his own previous best.


The shoe from above


NIKE’s concept behind the design was to make the runner outdo himself to foster healthy competition and a positive outlook towards running. The pop-up urban design by the brand is a step in initiating public participation while improving the art of running itself. 


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