The Dark Side

Oct 31, 2017

Dark sides to things are usually scary! Dark rooms, dark alleys, dark galaxy, the dark side of the moon, one can go on... But what if we told you that the dark side of a house can actually be a good thing? Here is a trend of 2017, black for the exteriors. This can be used in paint, wood, tiles, stone, every building material with a dark side.


dark wood


The secretive enclave

Black colour on the exteriors reveals very little about the people inside. It is almost like a sign, screaming, stay away. But it doesn’t have to be. While pale shades are commonly used, upkeep on the exteriors is a task. Black hides away all the dirt and mud. It stands the test of all season upkeep without deeming any attention.


bright inside


Interplay of light

Although dark paint is used on the exterior, who said the insides have to be a dark dungeon? On the contrary, the insides require the exact opposite. White interiors for this style are highly recommended. The Internally controlled temperatures also help in its easy upkeep.


coupled with wood


Eclectic interiors or not?

Do not hesitate to make the interiors capture the incoming light. The dark exteriors make for a clear segregation in the two sides of the house. The focus on natural light helps boost productivity. One should refrain from adding too many colours internally or even using dark tones in the interiors.

Modern? Goth? Classy? You can call it all! 


bright indoors


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