Rooftop Greenhands

Jun 06, 2017

This World Environment Day, we at are going one step ahead to bring to you a practical green trend for your homes and offices. Give those green fingers a chance and start a roof garden by yourself.



Landscaped to perfection

A landscaped garden on the roof is easier than you think. You could start this in your office building, with the support of your colleagues and additional building caretakers.  This process is rather long but an enjoyable one. Getting together friends and colleagues, this can be a stress-busting exercise. While setting up the space is a huge task, the benefits are immense. A green spot to unwind and hang out as opposed to the grey concrete you come up to every day? This idea is perfect for the millennials.


potted plants


Pruned and potted

While landscaping may be a huge task, Potting plants doesn’t require even quarter the effort. While placing these on the roof, one can also bring in a natural shade to add to the authenticity of the ‘green’ experience. While potting plants are quick and easy, it is still an energy booster by its mere presence on the otherwise sombre rooftop area.

 Greenhouse on the roof


Housed Greens

Best for personal spaces with large roofs, a greenhouse can be a gift to the space. If you do not have your personal garden, using the rooftop is just fine. For personal housing complexes, a community rooftop greenhouse as opposed to a greenhouse in the lower areas of a garden is very useful. It doesn’t interfere with the garden and playing area and is free from any kind of unnecessary intrusions too.

 wall crawl


Wall Crawl

Already have a lot of plants? Well, it can never be enough! Make a plant wall for a change. Put together some creepers in a standing arrangement or go all out for the potted plant wall itself. Plants used in this decor style are increasingly becoming famous as a home as well as office interiors trend.


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Stay Golden!

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