Internet-inspired Kitchen & Home Décor Now Available At The TO DO Festival 2017

Jan 19, 2017

Do you sense a division between your online self and your experience of everyday life? Do you miss your virtual community and feel anxious when separated from your digital devices? What if we told you that your home could be filled with items inspired by the Internet? So we’re talking digitally inspired, tactile products… Close enough right? Let’s take a look at this super cute home décor collection called ‘Vaporware’ that Kaley Flowers is showcasing at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2017 between 16th to 22nd January!

 Vaporware - Kaley Flowers - Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2017

This Internet-inspired kitchenware and objects for the home, makes you feel more integrated when the physical tools and objects you use better reflect your online experiences and interests! ‘Vaporware’ preserves the nostalgic icons and imagery of the ever-changing, fluid entity, technology, in ceramic form. It sees right through your soul, doesn’t it? The series features decal transfers on slip-casted bowls, hand-constructed kitchen utensils, and other ceramic art objects.

Vaporware - Kaley Flowers - Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2017 

This collection is a synthesis of digital aesthetic with functional handmade goods, through a new approach to traditional household wares. It explores the true meaning of craft and ownership, mass-production, network formation, and remix/consumer culture. Style and material of what is conventionally known as domestic ware comes into question as we continue to learn how to navigate reality within this constantly fluctuating, digital age that we’re so attached to!

Vaporware - Kaley Flowers - Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2017 

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