Contemporary Coffee Table Inspirations You Will Find ONLY At The VDW ‘16

Oct 06, 2016

Held on the 5th of October ’16 at Palazzo Campo San Geremia, The Equilibri (Balance) Exhibition at VDW ’16 is a platform to showcase and preach the balance between aesthetics and design. Through this Display, VDW has selected its exhibitors with a fine-toothed comb by gauging their collection based on the proportion of form, material, quality, functionality and design. You’re in for a real treat with the mesmerizing furniture some of the brands have showcased at the event…

  • Minimalist Coffee Table: Designed by Setsu and Shinobu Ito, this minimalist coffee table is an interesting blend of contemporary and classic. The wooden surface tones down the extraordinary shape and the unusual legs of the table, thus giving room for more creativity with a minimalist bookshelf by the table and seating.

Minimalist Coffee Table - VDW '16

  • Contemporary Glass & Wooden Table: This one of a kind glass coffee table with a hint of wood is designed by VG New Trend is a must have for a modern setting. This unique furniture piece allows you to choose from a wider range of complementing home décor. Moreover, DG suggests leaving the table untouched and without any accessories to bring out its distinctiveness!

Glass and Wood Coffee Table - VDW '16

  • Wooden Blocked Coffee Table: This playfully designed coffee table is an amalgamation of glass, wood, metal foil, rubber and coloured earth. Created by SiAmoScarti Design, a brand focused on reusing waste material to invent an inspirational piece, this table fits perfectly in a countryside home for a cabin-like feel!

 Wooden Blocks - Coffee Table - VDW '16

Has the Venice Design Week ’16 inspired a makeover in your home yet? Stay tuned to for more style trend updates from the VDW ’16!

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