Aye Aye Captain

Aug 11, 2017

Completed in April 2017, the 1780 sq ft restaurant of Captain Sams’ in Punjab whips up a visual treat along with fabulous pizzas. The Haryana based pratice, Design Equilibrium created a space that retains the brand’s identity yet introduced novelty into its design aspects. Beyond the doors you hear a new story, one intertwined with an undaunted past.


The restaurant that has been serving a patronizing customer base for over 10 years was to get a makeover. To prevent a foreseeable disconnect in brand image after the overhaul, it was absolutely necessary to work towards the goal but with a modern twist. Instead of going the quintessential way of placing older elements into the bigger picture, the team presented an opportunity in the initial stages instead.  Narrowing down to one prevalent material of wood in the previous scheme, the team used it as the base for the entire new layout.


The mix of industrial interiors further lend to the timeless appeal that blends with the modern elements effortlessly.  The sylvan material palette is completed with exposed cement and brick walls. The raw and rustic look offers timelessness to the interiors just like an evolving family recipe of pizza. “To accentuate and enforce the concept of a pizza & salad buffet the thought for the interiors was developed on the lines parallel to an American diner, for it is The US where though the recipe for Pizza had not originated, but as a cuisine they have made it their own”, said Dhruv Sarveshwar Lal, Founding Principal Architect at Design Equilibrium. The colour combination of the sprangled star banner further adds to this idea. 3

“With a special focus on the problem points in the pre designing phase itself, the team merged all aspects into the new design from the very beginning”, said Sheetal Sharma, one of the architects on the project. The space offered two unique challenges with its small frontal ratio and the split level staircase that didn’t lend much to the previous layout.


To address these two issues, an interconnected transition plane was established between the two dine-in areas of the restaurant. The plane draws immediate attention with its bold characteristics of originating from the floor to connect it to the ceiling.  This further encouraged the use of the staircase in the restaurant. Captain Sams has only just started its journey at this outlet but we are sure it will make a long stint at it. While the new design hopes to usher the brand ahead in its reach, it sure has made its presence felt in its attempt to change with the changing times.


About the architects: Strengthening the idea of attaining & sharing the most desired state in all of nature-'EQUILIBRIUM', the firm was conceived as Design Equilibrium in 2013. The firm addresses the fundamentals through intensive reassessments, offering solutions that balance wit and wisdom. The end goal is always the ultimate motive & context - to create with responsibility towards the client and the realities of budget and time.


Photography Credits: Purnesh Dev Photography

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