A mad affair for the love of pastry and beyond…

Jul 17, 2017

Madness isn’t a state of mind, it is a place to be at and you’ve just arrived there with the La Folie Lab in Lower Parel, Mumbai. ‘La Folie’ as the name suggests, is founded on the principle of measured madness – a delicious oxymoron. Designed and branded by a Mumbai-based designer duo, Hetal Ajmera and Bianca D’sa, who goes by the name Sharpener, La Folie Lab has been lovingly designed to reflect the focus on experimentation that lies at the heart of what Chef Sanjana does.

 la folie 1

The interiors are designed in shades of blue and grey, evoking images of a laboratory. Embellished with rustic copper details that are reminiscent of utensils, bring the madness alive. Inside, you gaze at delectable creations come to life and look upon culinary treasures that are carefully created, all results of enchanting experimentation. Chef Sanjana’s eye for detail and her love for measures, an installation stands tall in the madness. Even the walls evoke an eerie sense of magic with the decor item of the chef’s hands jutting out of the wall.

la folie 2

The eye logo of the design duo looks into the open kitchen where the artist's hands are at work to create culinary masterpieces. The façade is made up of an eccentric combination of the herringbone design and copper bordering. It has a large glass window adorned with potted plants.

 la folie 3

The light fixture over the dessert counter is inspired by the test tubes used in a laboratory, and the form is inspired by the herringbone design used on the wall displaying the bread and on the kitchen counter. The open kitchen counter is a framework of copper and glass. Each partition forms a shelf that can be used for storage. These shelves have also been propped with rustic looking kitchen ware and terrariums.

 la folie 4

Illustrations bring the art and madness of cooking to life – a flying chef, a girl dancing on a rolling pin adorn the cushion covers, the packaging and other fine details all based on the love for luscious desserts coupled with a delicate madness. The whimsical walls are contrasted by polished wooden seating, which will invite you to stay as long as you like…