6 Creative Ways To Wow Your Guests With Banana Leaves This Onam

Sep 08, 2016

Are you planning to host an Onam feast in your home this year, again? Is it a repeat from last year’s celebration of the same Onasadya with a couple of curries with rice, payasam, etc? What if we told you that you could surprise your guests with a new element this year and give your party a “DezignGenie” twist?!

We’ve got you six innovative and eco friendly ways of including banana leaves in your décor prep for the feast. Let your family and friends enjoy an authentic Onam experience with these spectacular ideas!

  • Wreathing Chandelier: Welcome your guests into a refreshing space with this green leafy wreath beneath your chandelier! A few wires to form a circle, banana leaves, and threads to attach the leaves to the wires… Voila! You’ve got yourself an eye-catching chandelier.

Chandelier - Wreath 

  • Centerpiece: Instead of placing a vase with elegant flowers in the middle of your dining table, why not try making cute flower holders by folding banana leaves? Here’s what you need: gather tender banana leaves, tiny twigs to hold the folds together and a pair of scissors (if you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic about the artwork).

DIY Centerpiece

A little something for our interested-but-not-very-artistically-inclined readers, you may incorporate this idea by layering a transparent glass with a banana leaf on the inside, and arranging with dainty, mid-sized flowers! 

Mason Jars Covered In Leaves

  • Table runner: In case the table isn’t big enough to accommodate multiple vases along with the food items, then embellishing your table runner with a string of well arranged (and slightly small sized) banana leaves is worth giving a shot!

Tablerunner In Banana Leaves

  • Unique seating arrangements: If your guest list is double the size of your menu, then planning seating arrangements might be one of the wisest decisions you make. Make the seating fascinating by inscribing each guest’s name on a separate banana leaf, and attaching it on their chair using twigs!

Place Cards Out Of Banana Leaves

  • Menu Card: How about giving your guests a fancy sneak peek into what’s coming next? Lay a banana leaf imprinted with the menu, either on the table or on the white wall outside the dining area. The striking contrast will certainly grab your guests’ attention!

Menu Card Inscription

  • Banana Leaf Plate: Did you know that traditionally, the entire Onam meal should be served on just one gigantic banana leaf? Sure urbanization has evolved this tradition into plush ceramic dinnerware, but why not go back to our roots on this occasion? For the sake of your convenience, this will eliminate the need to do dishes! We caught your attention now, didn’t we?

Banana Leaf Plate

If you’re able to incorporate even one of the above ideas into your décor on this auspicious occasion, then you’re about to be the “Host of the Year!” 

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Stay Golden!