5 Must Have’s To Replicate The Malfoy Manor’s Luxurious Living Room

Nov 09, 2016

You may call them snobbish, uptight, arrogant (to begin with), but this family of pure-bloods certainly sets luxe lifestyle goals. We’ve already taken a home tour of the Malfoys’ residence or might we call it the “Death Eater Headquarters”. It is now time to see how we can transform your home into a magnificent abode with these upstaging tips.

  • Golden Accessories: Of course, the first rule of glamour is gold. The key to testing the waters before indulging wholly is experimenting with accessories and accents!

Did you know including smaller metallic hints into your larger furniture could do the trick too? For an added sophisticated and lush touch, DG suggests combining this sheen trend with pastel interiors. 

Golden Screen, Golden Table Legs, Golden Rims On Table, Golden Cabinet Handles

Golden Screen; Golden Cabinet Handles; Golden Rims

A step ahead of these hints is to reflect them! What better can you think of than fancy mirrors?

Golden Mirror Rims - Luxury

Golden Rimmed Mirrors 

  • French Windows reflect grandeur not only because of their size, but also the abundant warm sunlight they allow into the room! These majestic windows coupled with sheer curtains give the perfect radiance to every metallic element and smooth surface in the living room. Matching every bit of your décor, right from the furniture to the accessories, will only enrich this glow.

French Windows With Sheer Curtains - Luxury

French Windows With Sheer Curtains 

  • Well-cushioned wingback chairs pose as trophy accessories to any living room. Adding a golden rim to these singular versions of sofas will give it a regal gleam. 

Wingback Chairs - Luxury

Wingback Chairs With A Touch Of Gold 

  • Saving the best for the last, we’ve got you an upgrade from the typical, mainstream chandeliers. Welcome floor lamp chandeliers! The perfect way to highlight your velveteen seating, articles on your side table or even just start a conversation.

Floor Lamp Chandeliers - Luxury

Luxurious Floor Lamp Chandeliers  

These décor tips might not be as dark as the Malfoy Manor or as shimmery as the Trump Tower, but they sure share their style and stature. Stay tuned with us for more such home fashion updates only on www.DezignGenie.com and our social media platforms!

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Stay Golden, literally!