4 Luxury Accents To Complete Your Winter Decor

Jan 10, 2017

Creating a living space that’s stylish all year round relies on a few choice accessories for each room. Whether you opt for contemporary or classic interiors, incorporating accent pieces alongside your furniture – such as textiles, wall hangings, lamps and ornaments – can bring intrigue and a luxurious air to your home. Read on for DezignGenie.com’s complete guide for a splendid look this winter!

Winter Cozy Textiles

With the snuggly January mornings, this is the best time to welcome cozy textiles into your home. For a perennial eye-catcher, pick unusual textures and fabrics to add a chic charm to your winter comfort! Apart from the material, use different hues to your advantage – aubergine, midnight blue and wine red give a classic elegant touch to any space, while maintaining the somber of winters.

Need help picking items for this warm trend? Nothing radiates coziness like throw pillows and blankets! Find the perfect balance between elegant and playful by effortlessly draping a nude coloured throw over either the back of your sofa or the foot of your bed!

If you have bare-wood flooring, accessorising with rugs has the double benefit of keeping the warmth in and looking plush. A shaggy ivory rug is perfect for the winter months, or a nude wool rug with a bold geometric pattern is perfect for a year-round look.

 Cozy textiles - winter luxury decor

Light Your Home Up

Bringing light into a room can work wonders on the general aura it exudes. Since sultry low-lighting works well for quiet evening gatherings, a statement floor lamp or a pair of table lamps with unusual bases or peculiar lampshades could do the trick. Ornamental or sculptural lamps add a level of artistic flair while posing as a focal point to a room.

Invite guests into your home and out from the cold weather with a warmly lit hallway, and impress your guests at dinner parties with an unusual lighting fixture over the dining table with geometric shapes, glass bell pendants and low-hanging wide-brimmed lamps for that unique feel!

Lamps - lighting - luxury winter decor 

Mirror Effect

A statement gilded frame or an unusual shape can add a combination of class and sense of spaciousness to any room. Mirrors aren’t just fit for hanging over the mantelpiece. Use a decorative mirror as for your living, dining or bedroom wall, or introduce a floor-length mirror to your hallway for that contemporary touch!

 Guilded Mirror Frame - luxury winter decor

Gilded Frame

Full length mirror - luxury winter decor


Floor-length Mirror

Metal Drizzle

Dousing your home in a mix of metallics can look a bit too extravagant, so the key is to stick to one! Rich interior palettes might better suit gold, bronze or brass metallics, whilst silver, copper and rose gold may work better for more contemporary, neutral colour schemes. Look for metallic ornaments and trinkets, light fixtures, and gilded frames, and remember: less is more, when it comes to metallics.

Metallic - Luxury winter decor 

These additions to your home décor are a guaranteed upgrade for a plush look! Stay tuned with us for more such stylish trends, news and updates for your home décor, only on www.DezignGenie.com and our social media platforms!

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