The Art of Nordic Design

Sep 04, 2017

Different can be intimidating, especially when it is cool and trendier. The Scandinavian furniture trend is setting the interior design space on fire. Here are ways to incorporate them into your own homes.


Wood ?


Wood you, wouldn't you?

Wood is all you need while designing your home in the Scandinavian style. Sleek and smooth edges are the other thing to keep in mind while picking these furniture pieces. The smooth legs to a chair or the perfectly symmetrical woodcuts are the right shapes in this décor trend.  Decorative wood panels for walls and floors are also a huge hit in this minimal affair.


Pale colours galore


Colour explosion undone

Scandinavian furniture is as muted as the culture itself. No, loud colours don’t work here! Soft tones of pink, light blue, green and all the pales you can think of being married to the décor trend of this culture. Maintaining dark walls in certain areas of the house while largely adopting the Scandinavian furniture style takes away the essence of the space. If at all dark furniture pieces are used, they shouldn't be overpowering in its look. The furniture pieces demand attention in their neat details.




A little less than the 50 shades of grey

25 shades are the most you’ll see from the 50 shades of grey as it is the preferred colour palette in this trend. Dark tones take away from the luminosity of the space.  The minimal furniture in the Scandinavian trend is a highlight mainly because of the focus on it. The emphasis on abundant natural lighting is the secret.  Even art is stuck in its monochrome palette. The classic black and white jailbird stripes are a huge hit in décor pieces.


space economical furniture


Trailing furnitures

Economical use of the space is a highlight of the Scandanavian furniture. Be it folding chairs or units that blend into the walls, being ‘subtle’ is an art that cannot be ignored. Floor lights that can be moved and units that fit in wall cubby holes are preferred to maintain the clarity in the room.


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