Festive Fervour

October, 2017

The festive season is here and it is time to decorate the home once again! CW Interiors brings to you the latest on festive décor, starting with the entrance to every corner of your home.It’s that time of the year again when it’s time for a change. Put your best foot forward in the décor game by embracing the newest trends this Diwali. CW Interiors brings you some of the trendiest hacks for your living spaces.

Creating A Niche

As Namit Ajmani, MD, IOTA Boutique Furniture, puts it, “homes and other spaces certainly deserve a makeover during the festival times.” From the quintessential torans, rangolis and diyas, this season of light also invites a splash of colour. Indulge in the mood and get eclectic in decorating your home. According to Vaibhav Jain, CEO, Deco Window, doors and corners are largely ignored spaces. He suggests the use of decorative 3D elements for the doors, and fairy lights to spruce up the corners.

Another interesting observation from Pankaj Kumar, Director, Ply Mahal, is that decorating doors with laminates can give it a vibrant look. With tactile elements and renewed strength, they are a must-have this season and help make a quiet yet a unique visual statement.

Dress your entryways

Moving away from the door, the entryway can be dressed up with a console to add some height to incorporate some interesting accessories. One with a high gloss finish is perfect for the festive mood. Amritha Karnakar, Founder, Amritha Karnakar Architectural Design, recommends flower vases and coffee tables books for this spot. To add some zeal Neha Sinha, Partner, Rainforest Italy, suggests the use of a designer mirror in the home. This will not only add dimension to a space to make it seem large, but it also acts as a new feature element.

Re-think your walls

One of the most effective ways to give your living space a fresh look is to start with the walls. Priyanka Mehra, Principal Architect, PS Design, says that one can add a pop of colour to do up the home for the festive season. “If you have white walls, consider adding a festive colour like an orange or a bright blue to instantly uplift the mood of the room. You can also consider adding bright wallpaper for a change.” She says that vinyl tiles are also hugely popular these days. Available in custom designs, they look decorative and are easy to stick too.

CW Interiors and Architect Priyanka Mehra collaborated on a four-part video series called ‘Edit Your Home’. From easy tips for a dinner party setting, and decorating the home with accessories to a quick bedroom and balcony makeover, the series address areas of the home that need attention especially during the festivities. Visit www.dezigngenie.com/dezigngenieTv to watch them all.For temporary décor, try changing the paintings and wall décor, says Jasmine Jhaveri, Interior Stylist, Jasmine Jhaveri Design Studio. From decorating walls with lavish suede wallpaper to using contemporary dhurries or kilms, fancy is the way to go.

For inexpensive ways, she suggests a collection of black and white pictures in colourful frames or a collage of prints and paintings to decorate with ease. As a new introduction this season, display your passion on your walls. Artist Ajay Singh Peelwa suggests using wildlife paintings to add the wow factor to festive décor. “Wildlife paintings expand the possibilities of art by creating an environment of distinction, refinement and originality. These paintings bring harmony and vibrancy to a space.” Other abstract paintings and large photographs too can change the dynamic of once’s walls for the festivities.

The x-factor

Since the living room will be the centre of all festivities, rearranging furniture can give an overall makeover. Arshi Mukri, Interior Design Expert, Pepperfry.com, says “Pick some colourful cushions and pillow covers that instantly brighten up the space. Change the theme by introducing a unique design of curtains, drapes and rugs, which tastefully evoke the festive spirit.” Coffee tables can be dressed with lamps. These can also double up as task lights for the space. Be ready to make space for extra seating. Throw around some poufs that also can double up for some extra emergency storage.

Available in a range of colours, poufs can also add vibrancy to the space. For shelving units, opt for religious décor to add to the auspiciousness of the season. Instead of directly using idols, one can experiment with symbols of the festivities

Edgey enough

Apart from the regular knick-knacks of Diwali décor, many areas in the home tend to miss one’s attention altogether. Neeta Kumar, Founder and Furniture Designer, Inhabit, suggests a play with contrast to make a statement. “One can also think beyond conventional rugs and cushion covers to add patterns. Look to the floors and ceilings as your main art areas.” Nomita Kohli, Interior Designer & Founder, Wisma Atria Interiors, emphasises the way in which one can work around these areas without overdoing it.

“Ceilings are a vast space that can change the entire feel of the room. Wallpaper, patterns or even metallic lustre can be added to the ceiling.” Other areas like the end of a staircase can also be used to make a statement. For staircases, use decorative lights on the handle. Collages of images above the staircase can be quintessential. Get together with the family to work on DIY frames to personalise this space. A delicate chandelier, a large rug and an accent art piece can add bold personal character.

For unused corners, decorate with a floor lamp. Vintage urns, treasure chests, reused old instruments and bright décor of the 1980s are in vogue. The retro muse is incomplete without a dedication to the movies. Use funky art inspirations with classic Bollywood divas in retro and florescent colours for the walls. The rustic vinyl recorder and the big chunky golden telephone are classic 80s décor that go with bright pop colours.

Diwali dining

The dining area is a very important social spot of the home for the Diwali festivities. Pep up the mood by changing the cutlery and table décor, and play the perfect host. Arya Nerker, Design Head for Home, Nicobar, talks about some of her favourite elements for the festivities including the triad of candles, flowers and recycled glasses. Floating candles in a bowl of water and flower petals add to the table décor. While colours and accessories are a must-have for the season, Amee Vora, Founder, AV Fourth Dimension, reminds us that the focus should primarily be on the function. Adding flavourful bursts of colours can integrate culture, but it should be carefully used in the right degree to emanate a refined functionality rather than just creating clutter.

Jasmine Jhaveri, a creative mind at table settings, dishes out some invaluable tips for the perfect festive set-up. “Design your table spaces according to the tableware and be creative by mixing various textures, colour blocking and unique centre pieces. Gold is the go-to colour for table top décor this season. Fabrics like natural linen mixed with silk, jacquards and organza add visual appeal.”

Kitchen craze

One can easily miss out on decorating the kitchens. To make a large impact, the change too would need to be big. Experiment with the kitchen backsplash in customisable patterns. One could experiment with small delicate flowering plants in colourful pots. To add an opulent touch, one can introduce a small chandelier with a dimmer too. For kitchen tops, the shiny elements are out of fashion. Use matt finishes in various materials to really make an impact.

Sleeping in Style

Apart from the common furnishing changes, one can try something different with the bedrooms. Take the leap, chose a theme and mix and match décor. Rustic elements for this space are in. Use a varied material palette like cane, rattan, stone and other exposed materials to make a statement. Instead of going chic with minimalist elements, complement the exposed walls with large wooden décor.

The great escape

While thinking décor, bathrooms seems to take a backseat. Even the introduction of a single piece of art can make a big difference here. Try a mirror with an LED strip. Highly glossy decorative mirrors are not making a comeback this season. Try simple mirrors with a backdrop to featured tiles instead

Beyond the home

Rahul Jindal, Managing Director, Loomcraft, sees the trends for outdoor furniture for Diwali heading towards multi-materiality. He says, “Think teak and metal, steel and rope.” He also adds that for outdoor seating, deep seating, block-style shapes and square chairs are replacing curved arms and geometric shapes. Adding lanterns and screens further enhances the outdoor experience. Stone vases, extra foldable and low seating are also trending.

Decorate every corner of your home this Diwali to get the best reviews from your guests! Do not shy away from eclectic and eccentric trends. Embrace the uniqueness of this festival while enjoying the bursts of lights, colours and décor.