The Big Clean-Up

October, 2017

To welcome the festivities and celebration, each home goes through its own cleaning process. CW Interiors helps you through this demanding task by offering invaluable tips for the seasonal clean-up. To ease the hassle of cleaning up post celebrations and festivities, having things in order helps in the work required before and after. CW Interiors ensures that your home will have a seamless transition into the festive season and back.

The cardinal rule

From the living room to the bedroom, every area of a home goes through a massive transformation process for the season. Cleaning up the home for festivities has always required more thinking and planning than it seems. Most importantly, you are not alone. A large population of home owners go through a similar ritual year after year. While this uplift should be an easy fix, it can get difficult with the load of clutter found in a home. Ashok Basoya, Founder, Ottimo recommends a sure-shot hack for the big seasonal clean-up. “Have a home for every object... What this means is that irrespective of how small or large an object is, if it is in your home, it needs its own space. This simple idea forces you to assign a place to everything you own and, in the process, declutter your home. Anything you are not willing to assign a space to, needs to go. This idea works especially well for items that you keep losing or those that get mixed up with other things – keep losing your keys? Get yourself a key holder or assign a drawer to them. Cannot find safety pins? Earmark a bowl to hold them.” Simply by following this one cardinal rule, it can be almost difficult to find your home cluttered in the wrong places. Gaurav Kharkhar, Principal Architect, Gaurav Kharkhar and Associates says that planning and categorising items are hacks that will help in the long run.

Storing sensibly

An easy fix is upgrading furniture to those that have storage space. Starting with a console for the living room or a bed with ample storage, there are many ways you can make this work for you. Swapping large furniture, however, may not be cost-effective, and so an easy fix would be investing in smaller units. Providing storage in a well-designed home is another task altogether. Smaller units can be imaginatively tucked in niches and small spaces that are unused. Another problem area can be dangling wires. Wire arrangers, available in the market, act as a quick fix to sort the wires. They also help in keeping this area clean. Huzefa Rangwala, Director and Co-Founder, MuseLAB Design Engine, explains how storage units need not look boring and static. Lush finishes, bright colours, beautiful detailing and unique structures can add to the aesthetic of the storage unit. He suggests stacked shapes that use the principle of vertical arrangement as a go-to for quirky storage fixes.

The niche areas

Storage in niche areas like kitchen, bathrooms and even kids’ room can be most challenging. Investing in some basic accessories can go a long way. For those looking for easy hacks, here are some ideas. Storage in and for bathrooms is never easy to find. One can use an extra shower rod to dry the towel. Shower essentials can be stored in plastic units on hooks in the shower area. Storage around the sink can be real trouble. Innovative small units using simple mechanisms can help overcome this. In the area around the commode that usually goes unused, a skinny floor shelf can be installed. The vertical space just above the commode can also be utilised. Create an in-wall hub for cleaning supplies. If you are considering external cabinets, plan to have easily detachable shelves so that you adjust them to the changing dimensions of the supplies.

For the kitchen, one can use hooks for pans and measuring spoons. Here again, you can layer the insides of shelves to get maximum freedom in storage. For easy lift systems, make some space on the kitchen table to ensure that it is lifted up at an optimal level and at your convenience. Modular units are increasingly trying to solve storage issues. Interior designers also employ innovative ways to tackle these real-time issues to suit the needs of the Indian clientele. Half the battle of cleaning up is won when things have a designated place and are neatly tucked away in corners. Add some of the routine cleaning, and your home will look as good as new!