Delicious Design

September, 2017

Santha Mattoo,

The Indigo Deli project by Planet 3 Studios for Degustibus Hospitality Group, makes its mark among the evolving creations of both brands. Based in one of the most posh locations for restaurants at Powai in Mumbai, the restaurant is spread across 6,500 sq ft and was completed in Rs 3 crores. Although the brand by itself has repute, the design tops off all expectations. “The site previously had a restaurant that was divided into small spaces. The entire layout was torn down like a blank slate so that we could design afresh, to achieve a new look”, said Kalhan Mattoo. Bringing to the table exceptional ideas while keeping the brand’s identity, the designers really pushed the envelope. The contemporary essence of the restaurant is highlighted by its voluptuous curves and stylish steel bars.

The furniture has clean and minimalistic look.
Exposed cement columns from a solid foundation

“We wanted to make the dining experience memorable despite having shared space with another restaurant by the same hospitality group”, said Santha Mattoo. With large windows and a view filled with greenery, the design is a visual treat. The dramatic ceiling evokes a 3-Dimensional feel as it dives down in a winding manner to flow into the entire dining area. Custom-made and locally sourced lights complete the industrial look. The minimalist, clean patterns perfectly complement the warm colour scheme.

The layout is united in its classy combination of bright wood paired with matte black used in a limited fashion. From the overly expressive bar area to the bare walls, subtle decor elements pull together a rustic vibe. The sinuous curve created by the ceiling among other ingenious design elements keeps us hungry for what else these designers have to offer!

The food display doesn’t use any overpowering décor accents.