August, 2017


Shreya Bhimani, Interior Designer,
Shreya Bhimani Designs

Creating a room to encompass the character of the preadolescent resident included elements that also resembled the ‘coming of age.’ With kids forming opinions and their likes and dislikes at this agecreating a room which would incorporate their choices and ideas was very important as this would go on to help build their own personality. While choosing a different colour scheme for the room, the designer also added the delicate feel in elements such as the headboard and mirror design.“As easy as it may sound doing a makeover, working with a teenager’s vision is difficult especially when it comes to incorporating all their fantasies with some of the items previously owned. The brief was very straightforward; the room should be warm-looking bright and positive with touch of maturity”, says Shreya Bhimani. With the focus still being functionality the designer had to make choices to incorporate the new plans into the existing space. The designer’s choice of using coral, turquoise and hints of yellow playfully lent a fresh look to the room. The console was disguised within the dressing table mirror. The custom-made large chandelier was incorporated perfectly.

The pastel colours make
a statement.
Akshat Bhatt, Principal Architect,
Architecture Discipline

To create a young vibe filled with fun, the favourite characters of the kids were used to decorate the rooms. “The rooms were designed to evoke creativity and a sense of exploration in the children”, said Akshat Bhatt. These rooms were bound into the narrative of the home through the use of wood in the furniture. The colourful elements were either made from wood or added in odd elements to connect the rooms to the theme of the home. The daughter’s room featured a blackboard that encouraged the activity of writing and learning. A Minnie Mouse animated bed, triangular paper folded false ceiling with hidden lights, treated with printed and coloured strands of wool were some of the other unique elements in the room. The son’s room was layered with inventive perforated cardboard that could be used as a tag board or to put art, making it a remarkable dynamic element of the room.

Fun and quirky colours
complete this kid’s room.


Gauri Shah and Vaibhav Shah,
Founders and Principal Designers,
FACILIS Architectural and
Design Studio

Form and function are exemplified in this luxurious bathroom by FACILIS Architectural and Design Studio. To facilitate plumbing, brick walls were put up against the sheer walls. A full length mirror complemented the metallic pedestal. “RAK Oxidum tile highlights the travetino in the form of small cut tiles to gives a checkered look and in the form of flower inlays in the marble”, said Vaibhav Shah. Special attention was given to the design of the dry area in the bathroom. “The flower inlays in the bathroom, are a justified cue taken from the bedroom design”, said Gauri Shah. The metallic pedestal flanked by independent counters on either side retained the emphasis on function in the space. The notch in the counter gave way to the bamboo shoots to form a rather unique feature of the makeover.

Plants complete
the décor of this
Ateet Vengurlekar, Principal
Architect and Interior Designer, Blue
Arch Interiors and Architects

The designer believes that the pain points in the bathroom area have a direct relation to regular maintainence. While these can be quickly fixed, it can become a cause for major renovation if left unattended over time. After completing the plumbing fixes to this space, Ateet Vengurlekar used glossy elements to give it a new look. Retaining the high style vanity, the bathroom made a luxurious impact like the rest of the home. The plain mirror was highlighted with sleek artistic accents that frame it. The warm colour scheme was completed with golden lustrous finishes to add volume to the space. The door also used a distinctive knob to conclude the luxurious look given to the bathroom.

The small
bathroom is
given a luxurious
feel with its riich
materiality and


Neha Gupta and Sachin Gupta,
Founders and Interior Designers,
Beyond Designs

Bringing together luxurious, eclectic influences from around the world, the designs for this bedroom makeover left us speechless. The fused aesthetics of ethnic and modern elements rendered a timeless look to the bedroom. With over two decades of designing sublime high end spaces, Sachin Gupta said, “The bedroom is one of the most imperative parts of any house where you tend to spend most of your time and it has to be pleasing to the eyes. I have designed this to transform the space from contemporary minimalism to retro-modern funk with a simple change of colour and materials.” The intricate art-deco side table in wood with brass, cabinets in semi-gloss, farshi chandelier and vintage mirrors were sophisticatedly designed to give the area a dramatic twist.

A contemporary
fusion, the
bedroom exudes
Shilpa Agarwal and Komal Jain,
Co Founders & Proprietors, SSK

Ethnic creativity coupled with a modern contemporary touch defines the style of SSK Associates. For this space, a design sensibility with a monochrome colour palette was used. Here the designer ensured that the room enjoyed a warm and relaxing atmosphere through the simplicity of décor. “The room previously didn’t come together. Each object like the bed, side table, wardrobe and dresser were separate. We worked to unify the elements in a new scheme of colours and patterns”, said Komal Jain. The designer worked towards achieving a renewed sense of wholeness through the makeover. The night table transformed from a unique storage container into a pouf simply by just turning the cover. “The light beige wallpaper and the dark veneer wardrobe patterns were some of the intricate details added to the room post the makeover”, said Shilpa Agarwal. The entire room was subtly lit washing the textured wall with clean lines. The muted appearance of the space was blended in contrast with beautiful quilts, transforming the place into a relaxing scene where time stands still.

The minimal colour
palette highlight the
décor elements.


Zubin Zainuddin and Krupa
Zubin, Principal Designers,
ZZ Architects

T he space was given an overhaul where its small windows and high solid compound wall was taken down. The designer decided to use large windows and redesign the wall in laminated glass to create a sense of the spatial luxury with pristine views. “As the level of the beach is 12’ below, there is adequate security to the apartment and thus the choice to use open walls”, said Krupa Zubin. The designers created a contemporary pad for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. The outdoor furniture was from ‘Driade’ and was selected for their sculptural quality. State of the art sound systems from Bang and Olufsen fit within the space effortlessly. The flooring was natural lawn and sand blasted granite to give a complete outdoor feel visually and physically. The furniture also added to the ambience. Different clusters of seating added purpose and more dimension to the space. Special provisions were made for outdoor music and ambient lighting. “We wanted to keep the clutter to the minimum and the emphasis had to be on the spectacular view that the property offered. All of the aspects were meticulously planned to ensure a feeling of spaciousness. The fact that the outdoor space was as large as the indoor space made us try and utilise the outdoor to visually be part of the indoor space from all the rooms”, said Zubin Zainuddin. The beach felt like an extension of the apartment especially because of the level difference between the deck and the beach that gave the patio an elevated feel.

The transparent walls
open the space to a
stunning view.
Nehit Vij & Devyani Gupta,
Founding Principals, Intrigue

This private abode by Intrigue Designs is located in the leading industrial centre of Faridabad. “The client’s brief for the makeover called for an earthy, organic-looking house with a villalike aesthetic to create a contemporary, comfortable space, rooted in Indian tradition”, said Nehit Vij. The terrace was based on the zen principles of a dry landscaped garden creating a miniature stylized landscape through carefully composed arrangements of rocks, water features and planters. “Popularly known rainbow sandstones were used creatively for the flooring on the terrace which has fine grained quartz and the other mineral compositions. They come together to impart attractive colours in the form of brown, violet and sometimes reddish veins, serving as an ornamentation feature for landscape design. It is also a unique addition as no two slabs are ever the same”, said Devyani Gupta while describing the unique additions to this terrace. An attempt to blend the traditional and the modern in a contemporary urbane look created a warm, timeless feel for this uber-chic home.

The panelled roof design sets the
stage for many ocassions.