August, 2017

Ravish Vohra, Creative Director,
Ravish Vohra Home

Ravish Vohra Home stands synonymous with technical expertise and luxury, offering stunning design to patrons. Having worked with eminent architects and designers for various products and projects, he juxtaposes creativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation to craft products that exemplify design. Explore the world of this eclectic designer as he pens the lines ahead...

Supple fabric and leather make
the collection timeless.

“I have been into the bespoke lifestyle industry since 1992 and Ravish Vohra Home was an extension of my passion for architecture and design. The idea was to bring the focus back to the domestic market because we had the craft and we had the skill. I began working with artisans from across India and helping them in honing and evolving their heritage craft to a quality and standard that was at par with the international market. The journey that began then continues today and has transformed into a beautiful array of projects. We are now exploring new avenues in design and technology and working with second generations of our patrons for projects that are truly contemporary.”

The eclectic artwork contrasts
the neutral shades.
The golden accents of
the chairs uplift the
dining area.

“Infusing the Make in India vibe with our plethora of handcrafted products and an evolving design culture is what defines us and we are looking forward to continue the same. The Indian consumer is looking to buy local and we deliver products that not only meets their expectations but also delights them.”

“Whether minimalistic or larger than life, statement pieces always set the tone for a space. A functional yet artistic bar or beautifully carved consoles are some of my favourite products to breathe life into a space. The idea is to swap ‘simple’ with ‘statement’ to add a streak of pop to a minimalistic yet modern décor theme.”

Even task lights can be opulent.
These unique pendant lights are minimal yet luxurious.

“We love to experiment with materials that are both comfortable and stylish. The international market is currently burgeoning with versatile materials like suede, cotton velvet, Nabuk leather, etc. and we are now introducing these materials in India through our collections.”

“The design space today is carving a niche for all-inclusive design. There is innovation and we are embracing new technologies while rediscovering our roots. It is this heady combination that is individualistic and more personal to each consumer than it was ever before. In a nutshell, now, design is more about being rather than having.”

Delicate cutwork accentuate the
fullness of the dark tones.
Gothic lighting complements the artwork and décor pieces.

“Treatments like leather cladding and metal framing add that artistic accent to the product while retaining functionality. The current trend is to make brave decisions within a space, yet keeping the aesthetics minimal and modern.”

“I seek inspiration from working with artisans across India and from the timeless traditional crafts that are still relevant and versatile today.