Refreshing Rendezvous

August, 2017


Vindhya Guduru and Baba
Sashank, Principal Designers and
Partners, Spacefiction Studio

Adorned in bright whites and accenting blues, Spacefiction Studio stands true to its brief to replicate a Greek experience in its newest hospitality design of Bonbons-Cafe and Patisserie in Hyderabad. The 650 sq ft linear space was carefully designed to accommodate a kitchen and a variety of seating areas. The elegant décor items stand out in the larger scheme of things with its minimal details and bright hues. The perceptive sharp colour scheme uplifts the space to recreate a lively sunny day in the Greek islands. Explaining their decision for the eye-catching layout, Vindya Guduru says, "Since the space was small, we decided to work with a limited material palette and keep the surfaces minimal. The colour pop was used to primarily accentuate the small space."

Even the doorframe and the table
legs follow the greek colour scheme.
Custom-made chairs add some
spunk to the seating.

With a quaint and elegant look, this new patisserie is a breath of fresh air! The delicate fine lines of the custommade furniture pieces are a real treat. From the round tables to the bar stools, most of the furniture was made inhouse as part of the overall design process. Hexagons were used as a key motif throughout the space, expressed in 2D through the tile pattern on the false ceiling and wall, and in 3D through the geometric light fixtures and décor.

Hexagonal wall patterns are used
as a unifying factor.
Minimal patterns uplift the décor.

To further elevate the external view, the windows were left bare without any filter for natural light. Describing the experience of designing this space, Baba Sashank says, "We were handed a raw shell, with just the rough plaster finish on the walls. After the initial layout, everything was pretty much clear in terms of positions, sizes and function."
The dimensions of the limited space are further enhanced by the flooring, ceiling, wall tiles and windows, making the focus converge on the décor. Cheerful colours and a calming tone invite the diverse neighbourhood to experience a slice of this debutant in the hospitality segment

Elegant custom made lamps
are used internally.
The service counter
is fuss-free.