Next Stop for International Interior Design: Basel

July, 2017

In the cold town of Basel, the landscape of the city changes with design enthusiasts from around the globe keen to participate in the unique opportunity that comes around every June. The Design Miami/Basel held from the 13th to the 18th of June changes the town into a potpourri of delectable international design ideas and cultures.
For international interior fairs, Design Miami/Basel brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce. Design Miami/ has become the premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating collectible design. The 2017 Design Curios offer snapshots into today’s design landscape through ten focused vignettes created specifically to debut within the fair’s halls. Interspersed throughout the gallery program, the Curio spaces provide surprising installations for guests to explore that uncover interpretations of design offers new ideas, experiences, and materials. Spanning the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the presentations draw from artists and designers whose work intersects with film, fashion, jewellery, architecture, porcelain, and performance.
Over the past 122 years, Swarovski has pushed the medium of crystal as a design material to its technical limits, resulting in unique and inventive interpretations. Swarovski Designers of the Future Award brings three international designers to custom design products for the Atelier Swarovski Home collection.
The three winners were selected from the fields of architecture, technology and product design. TAKT PROJECT, Jimenez Lai and Marjan van Aubel are the three international designers that will get a chance to interact with some of the finest crystals to design their products.
Each of the Swarovski Designers of the Future Award winners were selected for their ability to implement pioneering concepts, experiment and innovate within their work. For the first time, the winners will create designs that coalesce into one complete environment, exhibited as a single installation during Design Miami/ Basel 2017. The finished installation will showcases an engaging mix of forms and technologies.



SUPERGUFRAM presents Studio Job

The Gufram brand’s iconic polyurethane foam is mixed with the hard surfaces characteristic of Studio Job to make a punching bag in orange brick pattern among other exciting designs of a steamy coffee table and globe cabinet.


LIVING LIGHTS by Marjan van Aubel

The Dutch designer recipient of the Swarovski award, based in London works with materials and objects to blend scientific precision with sensory responsiveness, specializing in solar power has made living light objects.


OSCAR HUMPHRIES presents Teatro Mollino

Oscar Humphries brings together a group of the original chairs made by Mollino and to recreate the theatre for which they architect Aldo Morbelli and designer Carlo Mollino originally conceived.


SOKYO GALLERY presents Ceramic Garden

Artists Kentaro Kawabata, Satoshi Kino, Eiko Kishi, Toru Kurokawa and Heechang Yoon have designed a ceramic garden with a twist. The viewer is unable to see the last rock from any direction and forced to imagine the last rock.


TELLING STORIES with crystals

Jimenez Lai, a recipient of the Swarovski award based in Los Angeles blurs the boundaries between design, art, architecture, sociology and technology, imagining other worlds and design through telling stories.



This spirit of innovation will present its latest home collections, boasting new crystal forms such as a limited-edition by Zaha Hadid in 24-carat gold and wave-cut crystal,and an architectural chess set by Daniel Libeskind.



The Dutch design duo along with Japanese Architect Sano Fumihiko, and kimono designer Takahashi Hiroko will celebrate four hundred years of Arita porcelain rediscovered with its long -forgotten techniques.



TAKT PROJECT, is the third Swarovski Design Award recipient. The multidisciplinary studio based in Tokyo, focuses on reinvention. They made a series of tabletop objects in 3D printed Swarovski crystal.


CASA GALLI LAMP by Gino Sarfatti Viganò

Through the Privato Romano Interno project curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino, international designers are invited to rethink Italian and Roman art and craft traditions in order to develop limited-edition contemporary collections.


LABEL DALBIN presents Table.Video

The Table.Video aims to provide living on a daily basis with your video art collection. The connected object displays videos and images conceived by artists, uploaded by the user, and combines the classic function of furniture with a display surface of still and moving images.



This superbly designed clock is an exceptional example of Art Deco design. Pieces offered by Siegelson are screened with a curatorial eye for art historical significance, taste, and beauty.


OV PROJECT presents Elias Hansen-Oscar Tuazon

Conceived by Olivier Vrankenne, its aims to create “projects in a room.” OV Project will bring together the Seattle-based artists whose respective sculpture practices share an interest in subverting materials and places from their original functions and physicalities.


DIAMANTATO by Ercole Barovier

Over the years Marc Heiremans established an international reputation as a glass and ceramics expert with a strong focus on twentieth century Murano glass, with features like fused glass canes and murrine, blown and free flown.


TEA BOWL by Takuro Kuwata

Specializing in contemporary decorative arts, Pierre Marie Giraud represents international artists working with glass, ceramics, and silver



Dansk Møbelkunst takes its name from the Danish word for “ furniture art,” a term that is rooted in the handicraft tradition and signifies a synthesis of aesthetics, utility, and craftsmanship


PEZZAME by Fulvio Bianconi for Venini Murano

Marc Heiremans artisitic reinterpretation of glass and ceramics is setting off international design trends. The artistically abstract designs in glass are increasingly becoming the new design narrative internationally.


88 GALLERY presents Robert Goossens

This gallery presents a rare visual collection of the life and work of the late Robert Goossens, the famed artist and designer of fashion houses, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.


SUZANNE SYZ ART JEWELS presents Alex Israel

This collaboration with American artist Alex Israel consists of five one-of-akind jewellery pieces, each contained within a jewellery box sculpture. Israel also designed the concept for Syz’s booth, which includes a frozen yogurt machine, vintage furniture, and wallpaper that represents glass bricks.


WALL LIGHT, by Gino Sarfatti

Throughout the years Casati has placed a special emphasis on Italian postwar modern design.


POLTRONA DI PROUST by Alessandro Mendini

The gallery redefines art and design to bring together a rich canvas of vintage architecture to cultivate a generation of emerging materials and designers.