July, 2017

Sarita Handa, Founder and
Creative Head, Sarita Handa
Retail and Exports.

Characterised by contemporary design and old world elegance, Sarita Handa represents a wholesome experience of quality and innovative designing built upon the Indian textile legacy and craftsmanship.
She tells us more about her journey and the exciting way ahead in the Indian textile market.

Q: Tell us about your journey as a designer.
Starting with a couple of tailors and a few customers, we have grown by leaps and bounds, to now cater to brands such as Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Zara Home and Bloomingdales to name a few. I have been in love with textiles since forever. I channelled my passion for textiles into something constructive; great design and textile were the driving factors. India is brimming with heritage and craftsmanship to offer. I wanted to promote and support this; to create a brand that caters to the aware consumer looking to refurbish their home with a contemporary twist but retaining an Indian soul. The brand offers craft intensive collections keeping the human element alive. In a world driven by technology and machines, the brand oozes the nuances of hand work.

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?
Handloom is the very fibre of India which is the epicentre of world textiles. For me personally, the saree has been an everlasting inspiration. The motifs and textiles from Orissa and Andhra Pradesh continue to inspire modern-day motifs.

Q: After all these wonderful projects, where are you headed?
We recently collaborated with an esteemed institution called Sarvoday Ashram Etah and its brand Ekmatra for a collection on handspun and handwoven fabrics. We developed a range of soft furnishings with an exquisite and unique identity. This handwoven collection seeks to empower artisans, especially women and create jobs opportunities for them.

Q: According to you, what is the future of design?
I think design today is an eclectic mix of the past and the present. We are going back to our roots and taking inspiration from our heritage crafts and architecture to design the new contemporary. The design space, in general, is heading towards parameters that are more personal and individualistic.

Q: What are the current trends that you would like to incorporate into your designs?
Moving forward, upcycling and sustainability induced ideas are constantly in our thought process and practice while creating new designs