Brewing Effortless Design

July, 2017


Niel Parekh and Pooja Parekh,
Co-Owners, The Company of Design

With the idea of incorporating the culture of Baroda, Coffee Culture is unique in its approach; the overall material palette includes bricks, metal and wood; and the use of rope in different elements. The otherwise rustic atmosphere is complemented with the vibrancy of the furniture and lights. CODE by Niel Parekh and Pooja Parekh strived to remain true to the culture of the city by sourcing custom-made local items and artwork.
Most of the seating is not fixed, giving the client an opportunity to replace them without having to interfere with the working of the café. The ceiling in the party hall is composed of pine wood and metal chain link. The suspended rope lighting is customised for the community live-edge wooden table with one rod holding a number of lights together symbolising unity. Keeping in mind the overall feel of the space, the sofas are all of the different designs but still complement each other with a mix of solid vibrant colours and printed upholstery. The brick wall has been constructed such that alternate bricks are twisted to create an uneven surface, better for acoustics in the party hall. Artists from Vadodara were invited to paint the glass wall with their interpretation of the city, which adds a sense of belonging to the café.

The space is meant to be a fusion of retro and contemporary styles, generating a dynamic ambience where different elements of design provide surfaces to exhibit varied art forms making the space vibrant and flamboyant An exposed brick wall acts as a unifying element in the café, making for a seamless transition from one space to another. The linear space proved to be a challenge during the installation of revolving services and circular floor space in the café layout.
While all outlets of the Coffee Culture are different from one another, the Piet Mondrian-inspired metal framing is the one thing that links all of them. This inspiration from a classic artist is specially prevalent in this café. The star element of the café is the triangulated multifaceted metal ceiling which is generated using parametric digital tools. This gives flexibility to the café ambience since varied art installations can be suspended. The café is an absolute visual treat