July, 2017

Mehul Shah, Founder Director,
DSP Design Associates.

The design aesthetics were created keeping innovation, comfort and collaboration at the core.
The furniture used is an assortment of quintessential office furniture, telephone booths and activity-based furnitu re in addition to workstations.
“Modern and traditional elements are combined to give a new-age feel that makes the space tangible and reciprocal to the millennial users,” says Shah while describing the theme of the office.
The office hosts a retro black and white Bollywood-themed work café emoting nostalgic vibes of the 80s. To add to the theme of the work café, a vintage Yezdi bike was restored and placed representative of the Bollywood movie ‘Sholay’.
The walls also have LP records and movie trivia to add to the vibe.

The historic Varanasi ghats have served as a local inspiration to the office space that reflects in the café-cum-town-hall planning. The ghats of Varanasi are analogized in the stepped seating for the town hall with the ghat graphic framing the backdrop. The stepped seating imitate the ghats overlooking the Ganges while maintaining the functionality of every aspect of the theme.
The larger, open-work, café has a different theme altogether. Called Morjim, it stays true to Goa’s coastal town with every element reflecting the beach experience. From the ceiling decked in surfboards to the boat used as a seat, every element is custom-designed. The anchor and Goan shack complete the look of the café.

A section of the office having the workspace area with a collaboration zone in close proximity is divided with a partition built with cycle tyres strung together to form a screen. The activity-based collaboration zone has a round table with bicycle seats that have working pedals to add fun and fitness to conversations. In an effort to create an oasis in the workspace envisaged outside-in, the collaboration areas are inspired by parks, forests and their greens. These areas provide a closer-to-nature vibe in and around the workspaces with intricacies like twigs and leaves translated into furniture in the zone. The ceiling décor is in the form of branches and even benches look like they are straight out of the park.

The layout was planned to achieve an open office environment and the alternative choice seating offers absolute mobility across workstations and collaboration areas. The office design simulates the work environment to positively impact employee morale with activity-based, informal collab areas, social hubs in the form of work cafés well dispersed within the workspace.
A hub for offbeat ideas, this office is a true representation of the Glocal essence reflected in its design.