Next -Gen Tiles

May, 2017

President of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Randy Fiser, exclusively let CW Interiors in, on some of the trends he spoke of at the International Tile Fair Coverings 17. He shared about how the designs of spaces can have a direct impact on wellness and productivity. He stressed on the growing recognition of the industry towards materials used in a space and how they coexist to create a positive and healthy experience. The tile industry continues to be one of the largest contributors in creating this holistic experience for users with their fine, indigenous products.


Neutral is the colour of the millenium. A host of ceramic tiles have embraced this trend. One sees hand painted designs inspired by natural clay available in earthy tones. The neutral colours work just right with loud walls and rustic metal furniture pieces.


If you love the look of white marble, the The Marmi Extra Whites by Classic Marble Company is the right fit for you.It is a ceramic clone of the natural Italian Statuario white marble and has the quintessential veins of a glossy full body finish yet an ultra thin surface.
Tile companies are capitalising on rather unconventional functions and incorporating them into their products. This futuristic attitude has made the tile segment one of the fastest growing industries in the interiors and home decor market in India.


H&R Johnson's Care Series aims to fuse the latest tile trends with germ-free hygiene technology. Its Tac Tile collection on the other hand is designed specifically for the visually challenged to provide sensory cues of the surroundings. The Tac Tiles are weather resistant and have high durability making it appropriate to be used outdoors on a large scale.
Crazy tile by Momenti is made from large glazed porcelain slabs. They are highly customisable with respect to prints and designs, making them best suited for wall applications. A unique feature about this tile is that is can be laid on existing flooring during renovations, thus reducing the cost of a complete flooring overhaul.


One of the coolest trends in the tile market are tiles that help beat the heat! The Orient Bell Cool tiles have solar reflective qualities that can bring down the temperature of a room by 5 to 7 degrees centigrade. They are best suited for external application on terraces, roofs, exterior wall tiling and pavements exposed to sunlight. This tile can reflect the entire solar heat.
Slip Shield Tiles by Somany offer high friction even when the surface is wet or soapy. It is suitable for areas with high footfall like restaurants and malls. The VC Sheild Tile is protected with a Hard Coat technology that serves as protection against glaze abrasion. Timber tile that resemble hardwood flooring and provide stain resistance is also a new innovative product. It doesn't come with the complications of wood maintenance but gives the same warmth to a space.
The growth of the Indian tile market has been propelled with new ranges of exclusive and brilliant tiles. The Indian tile industry is approaching new frontiers with their innovations, creating global style trends. These tiles are a fresh take on utility and function combined with their fabulously sleek and durable new materials.