May, 2017

Engulfing the vast expanses of the sea, Sameep Padora & Associates, embraced the horizon overlooking Estella into their design. The first Modern Australian restaurant in Mumbai with breathtaking views, the space seats around 120 people in its tasteful interior setup. Designed not just to be a restaurant, but also to be a party destination, Padora has leveraged the space to its maximum potential. Divided into two main sections with a central focus on the island bar, the main attraction for the space, the design has a futuristic feel to it-something that is often regarded as Padora's signature style.
Characterised by the lack of visual demarcations between the indoors and the outdoors, the bar area remains the focal point of the design. The fluid monolithic bar is made of profiled layers of black Marquina stone, stacked vertically. No single vertical cross-section of the bar is like the other. Each is created by slight offsets of stacked layers,explains Padora. It was cut and installed using 198 cross sections as a reference point. With a thickness of around 200mm each,

the layers have been designed to be lightweight. Concrete poured behind these layers help support them in any precarious situations. An important aspect of the design was to keep the primacy of the ocean. With this in mind, Padora limited the interventions of the ceiling in the space thus keeping the view uninterrupted. We also made the decision to direct material lines of force towards the expanse as in the case of the walls and floors,” adds Padora. The other important consideration for Padora was to make the bar the focus of the space. We developed the entire space with a large bar and bar bottle holder traversing both indoor and outdoor areas. This then, allowed for it's use on ‘bar nights as an easily accessible place to buy a drink. The lit sculptural element works as a visual and physical focus point on days meant for dining as well,” elaborates Padora.

The designer's favourite part about the space is its fluidity. The lack of partitions, and the use of glass instead of more opaque materials helps the space feel endless. We certainly can’t wait to experience the boundlessness of Estella and its cruise-ship-inspired design.