April, 2017


Home is a reflection of one’s dreams and aspirations – a freespirited sphere. If designed by a dear friend, it is nothing short of paradise. Such was the case with Architects Aamir & Hameeda Sharma, Principal Architects, AANDH, when a friend of theirs approached them to design his abode; earthy and rustic was his demand. The client wanted every element of the décor to reflect his family’s personality and philosophy, but was also working on a tight budget. This set the tone for the Bohemian design that is reflected in the space. The client’s apartment, spanning around 3,000 sq ft, is set in a serene environment overlooking the vast landscape of the Golconda Fort. The client’s limited requirements and the physical setting of the apartment helped to create a metaphoric design palette that resonates in every interior element of the apartment. The architects refrained from using a conventional false ceiling and opted for distressed whitestained sleeper wood as well as 2’x4’ cement tiles for flooring to weave together the living spaces. This set the tone for a bold yet subtle design language interspersed by interesting décor elements.

The entrance opens up to a cosy environment – amalgamating fabric of rustic (interior) elements and pastel (soft) furniture. The long-running wall, smeared with cement slurry, acts as a unifying backdrop to the freeflowing spaces of the drawing room and living room. On the contrary, the wall opposite to it brings a twist in the design flow – accentuating the design parti. It portrays an 8 ft. tall Balinese Easter head (sandstone) against a backdrop of rock face stone flanked by wooden screens of finely carved owls on either side. The drama intensifies as one steps into the drawing room, enchanted by contrasting design elements set in balanced austerity. It boasts of a sleek custom-designed TV unit and a showcase with recyclable metal; a console table with a distressed antique log finish

with a metal plate on the top; and pastel coloured and floral printed furniture. Walking further into the living room, the expansive horizon of its natural setting transcends into a different aura – of lightness, calm and tranquil. A minimalistic furniture design with aqua blue cushions over a concrete bed covered by stone veneer and an antique blue pouffe with a lava rock as a centre table gives the space an eternal appeal. At every step, the entwined spaces persist in holding a moment of suspense by the décor elements. Pan to the left, the Victorian style dining table with antique wicker chairs and bench under the ornamental lighting of an antique lamp cast a captivating view of the interior. A mesmerising view of the fort and the cityscape from the dining hall completes the picture. The journey continues into private spaces designed as meticulously as the semi-private ones. A spectacular view from the master bedroom complements down-to-earth interior design elements of the space. A rock face stone acts as a headboard to the bed and the colours are restricted to blue and white. A similar design pattern is followed in the guest bedroom by placing an antique gate as a headboard to the bed. As architects would say – it’s a showstopper!

A 3m long Balinese kite dropped from the ceiling steals the limelight in the home theatre. While the study table rests against rock face stone, the bar counter has a sleek finish with recycled metal that is balanced by an upholstered sofa at the centre to laze around. It is interesting to note that every individual space has its own accentuating element that comes together with the broader design parti of the house. Be it the Balinese Easter headboard, wooden screens, upholstery fabric, antique lighting fixtures and fans or the Balinese kite, all the elements depict the metamorphosis of wood and recycled metal. They all add up to reveal a visual treat that metaphorically compliments its natural setting and the client’s aspirations.