SPACES -Restaurant

February, 2017

Nisha Bulchandani, Senior Interior Designer at The Phoenix Mills Ltd.

The newly opened Luna Nudo Gusta at Level 37 of The St. Regis Mumbai, is marked by elegant décor and unparalleled views. As you walk into the space, the bar, Luna Nudo, invites you in with its jazz-club feel and old world charm. A dramatic staircase then leads you to the area above it called Luna Gusto, which is the European-themed restaurant. Both the spaces are facing a large glass façade, which during the day gives you an unobstructed view of the city and during the night gives you a stunning view of the night sky. Its layout appropriately ties in with the name, Luna Nudo Gusta, which means the energy that the moon (Luna) bestows upon the tide. The hotel describes the space as


one that is full of energy. “Luna is named to represent the alluring energy of the moon controlling the movement of the tides. Much like the tide, the energy and ambience of Luna pulsates and changes the rhythm between restaurant and bar, ascending and descending like waves, evolving till dawn. Luna invites guests to journey through the varied sensory emotions of Luna Gusta, an exclusive European themed restaurant and the many moods of Luna Nudo, the bar.”

”Nisha Bulchandani, Senior Interior Designer at The Phoenix Mills Ltd, was brought on board to work with the St. Regis Hotel to create an opulent look that harks back to jazz clubs in New York. “As the hotel already has a distinctive style, the brief given was to create a look that blends with and compliments the already existing opulence and grandeur of the hotel with a contemporary twist. To also create a space that was warm and welcoming – a home away from home,” says Bulchandani. She received her BFA degree, majoring in interior design from The American Intercontinental University, London, after which she worked with Talati & Panthaky Associated under the guidance of Nozer Panthaky for four years. She then worked with Neterwala and Aibara under the guidance of Phiroza Naterwala. She has also worked with Sussanne Roshan as a design consultant for a year before joining Phoenix Mills Ltd, where she looks after the interior design of St. Regis Hotel.


The highlight at Luna Nudo is the bar, which plays a pivotal role in the space as it is the first thing one sees as one enters the area. We have incorporated exclusive materials like leather panelling and unusual marble further enhancing the bar with a spectacular bar back display filled with bespoke lamps as a bottle display, chic wall claddings and a cluster of chandeliers. The raised seating zones laid out with comfortable and exclusively designed furniture create private tables for guests. The stage is strategically positioned such that performances and the DJ can be viewed from anywhere in the bar. The space under the grand staircase, which was earlier, a water body, has been converted into a sunken bar finished in gold leafing and veneer. Long floor to ceiling rich drapes add warmth and glamour. The highlight at Luna Gusta, are the tinted mirror wall detail with display boxes providing a perfect backdrop for an optical bar made of white marble and gilded metal. The mosaic decorative tiles on the gently curved walls add a touch of Mediterranean chic further glammed up with large test tubes for botanicals. High gloss table-tops of carrara marble paired with bespoke metal and wooden chairs in leather and velvet create intimate table seating. Dramatic lighting with gilded chandeliers strategically placed on tilted frames dotting the entire ceiling along with architectural lighting elements create the perfect mood. The PDR is cleverly concealed behind tall hexagonal metallic wine racks adding privacy as well as drama. High pile carpets, add a touch of warmth and homeliness


She shares with me the mood board for her designs, which includes images of models donning Audrey-Hepburn’s look from Breakfast at Tiffany, old jazz clubs in New York City and plush velvet furnishings with marble countertops. “For Luna Gusta, we took inspiration from the vibrant Mediterranean colour palette using yellow/ gold, blue and green hues representing the sun, ocean and landscape creating a “garden in the sky” feel bathed in natural light which permeates through the large windows of the façade. For Luna Nudo, the look was inspired by “old world glamour” and jazz clubs of the 1930’s where luxury was a way of life for the wealthy. We combined this look with an edgy twist of timeless elegance creating a unique space in an already awe inspiring volume of space. We have incorporated exclusive materials like tinted mirrors, hints of rich metal finishes, marble, carpets, dramatic lighting and exquisite soft furnishings telling the story of luxury, opulence and glamour,” says Bulchandani. The bar also turns into a pulsating nightclub on weekend nights that features an in-house DJ. The menu of Luna Gusta is crafted by executive chef, Martin Kindlesides and includes dishes created with exotic ingredients accentuating distinct European flavours. Complementing Luna Gusta, Luna Nudo comes to life with varied moods from dusk to dawn. Happy Nudo Appertivo Hours, live music and infused cocktails are sure to keep guests grooving till the wee hours of the morning.