December, 2016

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival schedule includes over 100 events, installations and curated exhibitions by international designers. Web: 

Blindfolded Walking Tour

Blindfolded Walking Tour - A participant feels a wall while listening to how it affects the acoustic environment

Living Well

Living Well - Louie George Michael. David Mazel Tov, 2016

Hazel Meyer Dorotheas Hand
On the Table - Hazel Meyer Dorotheas Hand (second), 2014ink on paper7x10.
Compact Living - Facet Mirror

Compact Living - Facet Mirror by Char Kennedy

Knitted Dress
TO DO Talks - Alessandro Guerriero - Erwin Wurm. Curators Choice 2014 Knitted Dress

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival(TO DO) has released its 2017 Festival Schedule, which includes over 100 events, installations and curated exhibitions. For one week, from January 16-22, 2017, TO DO showcases talent throughout the city featuring self-produced work from over 400 independent, local, national and international designers and artists.

The lineup presents international figures such as Alessandro Guerriero (Italy), Sheila Hicks (USA), and Binome (France), as well as Canadian brands like Mjölk, The Brothers Dressler, and Aubry / Levesque. “Our 2017 programme celebrates design across the board, with emphasis on work created in Toronto,” says Deborah Wang, Creative Director, Toronto Design Offsite Festival. “Bold and innovative work by emerging and established creatives will fill storefronts, studios, galleries, and public spaces in Toronto. The city-wide and eye-level aspects of our festival makes design accessible and engaging.”

Outside the Box

Outside the Box - East Fork Pottery Asheville

TO DO also offers attendees the opportunity to experience design with all of their senses through innovative programming like a Blindfolded Walking Tour, The Sniff Bar, Rorschach, I feel heard: Design for better listening and My Meal is
an Imposter!

In addition to the open projects, TO DO’s signature projects include the annual travelling exhibition ‘Outside the Box’, TO DO Talks Symposium: Design and the pursuit of well-being, Compact Living, Living Well, Resurfacing Taddle Creek, TO DO Tours: Regent Park, and TO DO Talks: Alessandro Guerriero, Winter 4D.

“TO DO’s 2017 Festival Schedule captures the voice of creatives in our city, our country and abroad, and presents them on a public stage for Canada’s largest celebration of design,” says Jeremy Vandermeij, Executive Director, at Toronto Design Offsite Festival. “Our Festival continues to grow each year, providing a platform for artists and designers to showcase their work, and advance design in Canada.”

The Festival kicks off with the lively TO DO Festival Party. Taking place at Church of the Holy Trinity, the event features an installation by Design Fabrication Zone, Ryerson University’s interdisciplinary incubator for design and fabrication,
and an outdoor installation by North Design Office in the adjacent park.


Shard Hanging Light
Work - Shard Hanging Light
Bright -Ribbon by Brad Turner
Bright -Ribbon by Brad Turner


Prop Dish by Mercury Bureau
Outside the Box - Prop Dish by Mercury Bureau
Designing for Inclusivity
Designing for Inclusivity - Market Street, SF -Outside the Box - Buoy by Khalil Jamal – Toronto.
bright colors


Open events to look out for

Blindfolded Walking Tour
A well-designed place doesn’t just look good; it feels good, sounds good and smells good. Jonathan Silver hosts a ‘Blindfolded Walking Tour’ to understand the importance of multi-sensory design and to learn how to experience the city through your non-visual senses.

The Garden of Earthly Delights
Taking its conceptual starting point from Rem Koolhaas’ ‘Junkspace’, which advances the concept of junk food to our built environment, ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ investigates the world of “total design” to reflect on contemporary image practices involving advertising, design and commodity fetishism.

Vancouver-based Annie Tung and Brad Turner play with light and challenging forms while embracing materials and techniques. Carved stone, mouth-blown glass, mirror silver, spun copper, colourful cords and acrylic are just some of their chosen media. Each object shines with the introduction of light.