December, 2016


 The bedrooms have open layouts with large windows that provide stunning views of the pool and beach.

Quirky mirrors and marble wash basins in the shape of shells 

Quirky mirrors and marble wash basins in the shape of shells invite the beach theme into the bathroom.

The W Hotel is a stunning property nestled in North Goa with fantastic views and equally interesting interior design.

The idea for W Goa came to the brand honchos Amit Bhosale, Rajesh Advani and Jeff Wilkes, who then commissioned Architect Sim Boon Yang of Eco:ID to design the property. The firm created a narrative concept along the lines of, ‘A modern garrison village under the watch of the old Fort’.

Perched on the edge of the sea, bringing together a conglomerate that revives the spirit of the hippy influences of the 60s and 70s with the fort and Portuguese heritage, and with the modern day Goa being home to festivals and music, this concept was molded into the interiors to reflect an “Edge of Celebration”. Interior Designer for the project was Jeffrey A Wilkes of Designwilkes.

Goa, renowned as the “Playground of Bollywood,” has always been a captivating escape on the fringe of urban civilization. A paradise of pristine beaches, for centuries it has emitted an irresistible siren song, attracting global nomads in search of progress, enlightenment, and adventure. As the sun rises over the sparkling Arabian Sea, there is a striking contrast between the detoxifying serenity of the water, the spiritual quests of pioneering soul-searchers, and the wildly hypnotic celebration on shore. A fusion of global cultures from India to Portugal to New York fuels a vibrant party with a familiar, yet unique rhythm and scene. And only at W Goa, does this intoxicating energy transcend revelers outside of ordinary earthly bounds and renders each night as an unpredictable one.
W Goa is slated to open on the pristine white sands of Vagator, nestled in the lap of swaying coconut and palm trees, within the backdrop of the 500-year-old Portuguese Fort. These iconic forts are symbols of the beginning and end of boundaries to a unique collection of cultures and aesthetics, blending in all modern amenities.
In Goa’s tropical paradise of lush, verdant gardens and breathtaking beaches, we wanted to find the most impeccable experience, surrounding it by luxury, local style and contemporary sophistication. And that’s what we’ve exactly got in W Goa!

light accessories, cosy hanging chairs and colourful flooring
Decor elements like light accessories, cosy hanging chairs and colourful flooring make this an eclectic and design forward space
Decor elements

manicured gardens and greenery
The hotel is surrounded with manicured gardens and greenery


The Arrival at Porte Cochere is a grand Bollywood arrival that in its own eclectic style announces the entry into the world of W. The entrance complements the whole scenario like a grand feeling. A Golden W Totem is perched at the entrance to symbolize the opening of the 50th W hotel worldwide and the 1st in India. The artwork on the door portrays ‘many phases
of moon’, created by renowned Indian artist from Goa, Subodh Kerkar.

Wall art murals behind the Welcome Desks display designs that allude to street art, symbolic of a ‘Melting Pot’. Evocative of being welcomed to the beaches of Goa, guests arriving at W Goa are greeted at the reception pods that are made of capsize shells connecting the social and physical contexts of Goa. Delicate handcrafted ceiling mobiles made from capsize shell hang by the welcome desk.

Light accessories across the dining spaces

Light accessories across the dining spaces make for interesting design.

Beautiful furnishings
Beautiful furnishings and art complement the otherwise white space in the bedroom


Kitchen table
With the rhythm of the architectural columns and installation of arches, the hotel pays homage to Chapora fort as well as the local church architecture.

Drawing its inspiration from the vintage tradition of beads being a form of trade amongst the hippie tribes, the interiors are decorated with different avatars of beads from floor to ceiling. The venue showcases colorful beads suspended from the ceiling that form arches complemented with ball lamps at the centre.

The flooring is raised with backlit images of spheres, designed to represent beads as an expression of the hippies’ fascination with non-western culture and a simpler lifestyle.

Spice Traders
Spice Traders aesthetically represents a lux beach hut with its recycled planks, bleached rattan, and chilli red glass wall that showcases sumptuous sea views, a top floor bar, lounge and romantic settings that suit every mood and occasion.

Spa by Clarins
Like the great baths of Pompeii, under the ground, in a labyrinth of corridors and rooms, exists the W Goa spa. Reflecting the imaginary ruins found nearby the fort, its rigid architecture is the foundation for the buildings above. With hues of whites and an earthen feel, it transports the mind to a space of Zen.

Shadowed by the iconic Chapora Fort, and panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, Rockpool is set to be the next party destination of India. It forms for an upscale escape clubbed with cabanas, an open air bar and a pool carved out of a rock.

pool is surrounded with natural elements
The pool is surrounded with natural elements.
The bathroom overlooks an open nature spot with tall trees

The bathroom overlooks an open nature spot with tall trees.

Chandeliers and lighting design
Chandeliers and lighting design make the dining space dramatic.

USP OF W Hotel in GOA
Spread over 21 acres of land overlooking the Arabian Sea, the hotel’s 160 boldly-decorated guestrooms, suites, chalets and villas are discreetly spread out across the private coastal setting along with breath-taking beaches, lined with dramatic red cliffs and scenic panoramas. The interior design of these rooms represent a psychedelic state of mind through several fixtures. W Goa provides the ultimate insider access, offering a unique mix of cutting-edge design and passions around fashion and music. The brand’s signature FIT® state-of-the-art fitness facility and meeting and event spaces are perfect for cocktail receptions, board meetings, intimate celebrations and weddings. From sunshine to sunset, Woobar is the ultimate destination to eat, drink and play. Crafted on metal studs, each of which has been carefully laid in symmetry to create a textured pattern by local artisans, Woobar is an energizing bar that goes from fun, playful and relaxed during the day to a vibrant ‘see and be seen’ experience at night.

All of this is supported by the W brand’s signature service philosophy, providing guests whatever they want, whenever they want it, transforming fantasies into reality. The only five-star luxury beachfront resort in North Goa, W Goa serves Peruvian, Vietnamese and Korean cuisine in one restaurant offering its guests two choices of pools along with the first-ever Spa by Clarins to feature in India. W Goa is ready to turn the traditional notion of an extravagant stay on its head with chic fashion, electric sounds and cutting edge design!